Friday, 30 November 2007

Mobile phone blog test

A rainy day in brighton. Photo taken from my window.

[Edited to add: I just discovered that I can take photos and write blog entries on my new mobile phone and send them to my blog. Oh the joy of technology!]


Fiona said...

Brighton looks lovely - even in the rain. I have such great memories of a holiday there with a boy who I thought was going to ask me to marry him. It never happened - best thing really but I wonder what happened to him and the other also rans.

Lane said...

I love Brighton. My best friend used to live there and I remember walking up steep roads, very similar to that one in fact:-)

'Ain't technology wonderful. (Especially when I learn to text:-)

lol at Fiona's comment re also rans. Track 'em on Facebook and see what you had a narrow escape from!

A. Writer said...

What a lovely view!

CTaylor said...

Fiona/Lane: So many people have great memories of Brighton. It's funny, it's one of those places that definitely makes an impression on you.

Fiona: "there with a boy who I thought was going to ask me to marry him. It never happened" that sounds like a great start to a short story!

Lane: Oh God the hills! I used to think that seaside towns were flat...and then I moved here! The hill you can see in the photo is the second one I have to walk up to get to my flat. The one before it is even longer and steeper!

A.Writer - do you think so? It's even nice on a clear day when you can see a tiny sliver of blue sea (I'll post a photo if we ever have a nice day again!)

HelenMH said...

What a clever phone. I want one! Except I probably wouldn't be able to work it!!!

A. Writer said...

Yeah, I do! I love seeing photos from other people's windows! I'm a nosy wee thing!

Fiona said...

Oh I know, Cally - I've been up half the night writing it. That's the trouble/brilliance of blogging - so many ideas spark off. I am now planning a short around my Miss Matchmaker post - depending on the result, though :)

Leigh said...

I used to go to Brighton with my Dad when I was little. I remember the lanes, the pier(s), and the Pavillion (of course). Now I live not too far away, and come shopping from time to time. It is very strange to go past the same places. My Dad comes down every now and then for a day-trip, and that's even odder.

What phone? Sounds like a good one!

Anonymous said...

Brighton IS lovely, mostly because of the lovely people in it. So many fond but blurry memories of stumbling to/from your flat Cals. So many not-so-fond memories of those two bloody hills!

XXX Kels