Friday, 28 December 2007

End of Year Writing Stats

I was sure I posted my writing stats last year but I can't seem to find them. Never mind. Here are the stats for this year...

Number of words written in 2007: 146,738

Number of stories written in 2007: 20

Number of flashes written in 2007: 17

Number of poems written in 2007: 3

Number of novels completed in 2007: 1 (hooray!)

168 short story and flash submissions (quite a few still 'out there')

25 short story and flash fiction hits including:

12 competition placings (2 published in print, 1 published online)
3 online publications at ezines
8 print publications
1 radio broadcast
1 performance


90 short story/flash rejections (I don't tend to post those on the blog funnily enough! ;o))

This year was particularly tough writing-wise as I took on a little too much. I tried to keep up with my short story writing and subbing AND write a novel. Next year it's going to be all about the novels with the odd short story written when the mood takes me. I just haven't got the time or energy to dedicate myself to both.

I'm still so pleased with myself for writing and editing novel #1 this year and I'm really excited about started novel #2 next year. For the past couple of nights novel #2 has been knocking at my brain just as I'm about to fall asleep and I've had to get up and scribble down the ideas before I forget them. It's really taken shape now so, after a day at the sales today (black knee high boots in size 8 yay!), I'm going to spend as long as it takes tomorrow getting the outline written.

2007 has been a good year writing-wise. Let's hope 2008 is even better!


HelenMH said...

A totally fantastic year - good luck with writing the outline tomorrow x

A. Writer said...

Very impressive stats! You've achieved so much this year and I'm sure in 2008 you'll continue this fantastic run you've got!

Well done girl! ;)

Gonna be a writer said...

2007 was a great stepping stone to what I'm sure will be a better 2008

SallyQ said...

Well done on those, stats, Cally! I think the idea to stick to the novel writing, only writing stories as the mood takes you, is a good one. I'm planning to do something similar in my New Year goals.

Leigh said...

One-hundred-and-forty-six-thousand-seven-hundred-and-thirty-eight words? [takes huge gasp for air] Wow!

I'm speechless.


You are officially a Proper Writer! I hope I can acheive even a quarter of what you have, in the new year.

CTaylor said...

Helen - thanks luv. Outline now done!

A.Writer - chears luv. Love your new profile photo by the way!

Gonna - I certainly hope so. Fingers crossed!

Sally - trying to give 100% of my time to stories AND novels just didn't work (and is statistically impossible! ;o)). Am hoping 2008 will be less stressful.

Leigh - I was disappointed. I wanted to get to 150,000 words! ;o)

Karen - a 'proper writer'. I like the sound of that!