Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Knackered but Happy

Good god, I can't wait for this week to end! I've been up and down more often than a gigolo's zip. Up to London and back down to Brighton that is.

It started last Saturday when I travelled up to London to queue for my ticket and wristband at the O2 centre (did I mention I went to the Ahmet Ertegun/Led Zeppelin gig ;o)) I travelled back down to Brighton on Sunday.

On Monday I travelled back up to London to go to said gig. So much has been written about it that I'm at a loss for words, apart from the word FANFUCKINTASTIC which, from now on, should always be synonymous with Led Zeppelin. Honestly, they were so good I felt dizzy (and that wasn't because we were on the 4th floor) when they finished the second encore - Rock and Roll - and didn't feel normal again for hours. Even then my ears didn't stop ringing for 12 hours!

Anyway, back down to Brighton tonight and then back up to London tomorrow for a work Christmas dinner (we're going to a Gary Rhodes restaurant/bar. OHMYGOD what do I wear? I don't do 'posh'!) and then back down on Friday and....


I'll be on holiday for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. and no more up and down apart from across (and slightly up) to my folks for a few days. Wah hoo!

I stayed up obscenely late on Monday night to get the third story written for the Eurofiction competition and gave it a quick edit tonight before sending it off. Now I've got until 27th December to write the fourth one. Eek!

One more writing related bit of news before I go...

An email last night delivered some wonderful news (no, it's not novel related) but I'm under strict instructions not to make the news public until it's, well, been made public so I can't say any more.

Now all I have to do is get my Christmas tree down from the attic, buy a couple more presents, do a food shop and tidy up the flat.

And then I'll be ready for Christmas (easier said than done)


Jen said...

Ooh, Gary Rhodes? That does sound fab.

No need to do posh - I went to Rick Stein's and ended up blending in very nicely in my jeans. Odd but true, though I'll confess to an extra slick of lip gloss.

Anyway, now that you know Led Zep, you don't ever have to dress to impress again!

JJ said...

Oh Cally, Eeeeviiiiil. When will the news be made public? How long must we wait?


Jude said...


You've got me on the edge of my seat now! Are you sure this news isn't novel related? Glad to hear you're taking it easy for awhile now. You deserve it!

Jude x

Lane said...

Busy, busy, busy!!!! Glad the gig lived up to expectations:-)

Re posh?? Just do 'Rock Chic'. It can take you anywhere dahling:-)

And the news????????? How could you tease us like this!

womagwriter said...

Am so envious of the Led Zep gig!

Enjoy Gary Rhodes.

Can't wait to hear your news - what've you won now?

Leigh said...

There are those who would say, that it's up to Brighton, and down to London...!