Saturday, 1 December 2007

My first 'novel' (and my first ever rejection)

Earlier on today I was scrabbling around under my bed sorting through all the crap priceless treasures I'd stored there when I discovered a brown envelope. It wasn't just any old brown envelope. Oh no, this enveloped contained a great unpublished masterpiece. A treasure no less! It was my very first book; written and illustrated by my eight year old hand, bound with pink wool... and rejected by Penguin Publishers (they sent a very nice letter but still, talk about starting earlier with the rejection letters!). And the title? Short, concise, to the point: Weedy.

Here, in all it's unedited glory (typos included), is my first ever novel:

Once upon a time at the bottom of a field lived four flowers, Tulip, Marigold, Rose and forget-me-not. One day when the four flowers were talking a stranger crept near and buried its roots in the ground. It watched the four flowers.

"Hey look over there," said Tulip pointing in the things direction. They all looked at the thing "What on earth are you"? said Marigold sneering "I", said the thing," am a weed"" "My name is Weedy."

"Ugh," a weed" said Marigold. "I don't want to be seen with a weed."

"Come on Marigold don't be horrible to Weedy", said Forget me-not.

"Weedy would like like to be friends with us?" said Rose

"No certainly not" said Weedy crossly. Then he shrugged his shoulders dropped his head and fell asleep.

"I don't think much of him," said Marigold.

"He snores aswell," said Rose.

"Maybe he will be nice in the morning," said Tulip. Then they all fell asleep.

The next morning came and Weedy was the first one awake "I'll get those flowers," he said to himself. He pulled his roots out of the ground and crept quietly over to Marigold and pull a petal out of her pretty head. The he walked up to the brook cupped his leaves and took some water in them and splashed it all over the flowers.

"Oh" said all the flowers as they quickley woke up

"Oh no" said Marigold almost in tears as she looked at her face in the mirror "Weedy you are a horrible plant I wish you had never come here" she said. Weedy laughed wickedly and crept off "We must try and get rid of him," said Marigold. "He is horrible" said Rose.

But the next morning it was even worse. Weedy made the ground that the flowers had been sleeping in all wet and muddy. Then he had smeared the poor flowers with mud. They were cross.

"We must stop him," said Forget me not.

"But how?" asked Marigold

"I think I have got an idea" exclaimed Tulip.

"Tomorrow we must all get up before Weedy," Rose told the flowers.

"Then we must get some tar from all the work men and put it around Weedy before he wakes up," said Tulip. Then they put their roots in the ground and they all fell asleep. Weedy smiled wickedly as he fell asleep but he did not know what was going to happen in the morning.

The next morning the flowers got up before Weedy and went to where the workmen were working and got some tar in a bucket made out of leaves. Then they spread the tar around Weedy and splashed him with water. Weedy woke up suddenly and looked aruond "Oh no please help me" he said and I will be your friend and will not play jokes on you

The flowers decided to help him out and pulled him out of the tar. From then on Weedy was never playing jokes on them but somtimes he was a little bit unkind. But they are all friends now.

The end.


womagwriter said...


And how lovely that you got a nice rejection letter.

CTaylor said...

Womag - Yes they were very nice. They also gave me advice including "the next time you send us a story you might want to ask a parent to type up your story, double-spaced. You should also include your illustrations on separate pages"


JJ said...

Oh I loved this - so gorgeous.

Leigh said...

How well you wrote when you were eight!
What a lovely story, and what kind flowers.

A. Writer said...

Love it! I was gripped 'til the end! ;)

womagwriter said...

Include your illustrations on separate pages - do you know how much I'd love that to be a standard guideline for submissions? I'd love to send pictures along with my stories! Not that I can draw at all, but it'd be fun trying.

Lane said...

What a great title too:-)

SallyQ said...

Aw, that's so sweet. Weedy reminds me of every nasty little boy I ever went to school with!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Cally, I think that story is GREAT! I'd have published it!

Love the happy ending :-)