Sunday, 16 December 2007

The Mystery of the Splat!

Last night, while I was watching TV in the early hours of the morning (probably about 1 or 2am) I heard a loud THUMP as something hit my living room window. The blinds were down and it was dark outside so I assumed it was a senile seagull, confused by the light.

This morning I opened the blinds and discovered...well...a splat on the window!

Looking at it a bit more closely there are sort of orangey coloured bits pasted to the window (nice!) and lots of dribbles. It doesn't look like blood. In fact, it looks more like someone threw a moldy orange at my window. BUT...I live in the first floor flat of a converted house so someone would have to aim pretty high to throw an orange up here and they'd have to do it deliberately. Who would do that and why? The other option is that some kind of flying animal hit my window and its guts are orange coloured. Or maybe a flying animal dressed as an orange hit my window?

I'm curious (and more than a little grossed out)

Can you tell I'm trying to distract myself from outlining novel #2?


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Sounds like an egg to me. My front window gets egged from time to time by bored rural yoof.

Leigh said...

You know, out here in the hinterland of Sussex, Brighton has quite a reputation.

You just added to it!

CTaylor said...

Zinnia - aha! You could well be right! But why my window? Maybe it was the challenge? Who knows! Anyway, I won't feel quite so eeked out when I scrub it off tomorrow if I think it's just egg!

Leigh - Noooooo! I live in a (quite nice) area of Brighton (well, I thought it was nice until the splat incident!)

KayJay said...

What was that thing in The Holy Grail about African Swallows carrying coconuts...? Or maybe mouldy oranges...?

(My husband was in Brighton today, but he swears it wasn't him. Although he is VERY fond of all things orange.)

SallyQ said...

Ugh... Not a nice thing to wake up to, but yes, I hope it's just egg. It was probably a prank by someone on their way home from the pub.

Either that or there's a Romeo somewhere wondering why his Juliet didn't come to the window ;-)