Thursday, 27 December 2007

You've got to love the Christmas sales...

...because you overhear the funniest conversations.

Take this one that I eavesdropped on in Marks and Sparks this afternoon:

Lady #1 (holding up a shirt and eyeing it critically): I quite like this

Lady #2 (appraising shirt): Why don't you get it?

Lady #1: Because I'm trying to work out if Gok Wan would buy it

Lady #2 (confused): Gok Wan?

Lady #1: Yes, my rule for the sales this year is to only buy clothes Gok Wan would approve of

Lady #2: And what would he think of that shirt?

Lady #1 (putting shirt back on rail): He'd hate it! Next!


Leigh said...

Are you sure it was M&S you were in?

HelenMH said...

Brilliant. I'm sure Gok Wan is a lovely person but I can't see why anyone in their right mind would take advice on their appearance from him!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Aaargh but that could be me. I was in H&M last week and picked up a gorgeous but tragically highnecked dress - I distinctly heard myself say "Trinny and Susannah would say no", and then put it back.
I no longer have a mind of my own, its official.

Happy New Year (in advance!) and congrats on your Children in Need success.

CTaylor said...

Leigh - quite sure!

Helehmh - Hmmm. He has a point with waist cinching belts making waists look smaller but they also have the unfortunate side effect of making humongous boobs look even more humongous (I know, I tried one!)

Sarah - Funnily enough I was trying to explain the Trinny and Susannah rules to my mum at the sales but she wasn't having it!