Thursday, 17 January 2008

Another blimmin meme in lieu of a proper post*cough*...I haven't done any rewriting since my last update (I will though...very, very soon) here's a meme I stole from the lovely Juliette:

What's the last thing you wrote?

Is rewriting any good? I suppose, technically, I deleted and then wrote so yes, the last thing I wrote was the first two chapters of novel #1

Was it any good?

I bloody hope so! There's a lot resting on it being good.

What's the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?

"Weedy", a 'book' I wrote when I was eight.

Write poetry?

Only very, very occasionally.

Angsty poetry?

Not since I was in my late teens/early twenties thank God!

Favourite genre of writing?

For me to write? Commercial Fiction. It's the most fun and the least torturous (although recent moany posts would seem to suggest the opposite)

Most fun character you ever wrote?

That would be the main character in novel #1. I like her A LOT.

Most annoying character you ever wrote?

The main character in my short story "Monocular Man". He had a lot of unsavoury characteristics.

Best plot you ever wrote?

I'm hoping that's the plot of novel #1.

Coolest plot twist you ever wrote?

The end of novel #1 (I hope)

How often do you get writer's block?

Too freakin' often.

Write fan fiction?

Are you calling me a geek? No.

Do you type or write by hand?

I type but I write notes/outlines in a notebook by hand.

Do you save everything you write?

No I write entire novels and then shut down my computer without saving them. Oh...okay...sometimes I've started a short story and it's gone no where so I don't bother saving. That said I do have a folder called 'abandoned openings' so I pretty much save everything unless it's really dire.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it?

Rarely but I did with "Monocular Man". I wrote half the story and then got stuck. One year later The Lancet sent out a call for stories with a medical theme and I thought Monocular Man would be a good fit so dug it out of the archives and finished it.

What's your favourite thing that you've written?

Novel #1 will be when I've rewritten it.

What's everyone else's favourite thing that you've written?

Oh God, no idea. A stranger sent me a message during the Your Messages project to tell me she really liked one of my flashes (it was one that was later selected for the anthology), so that was nice.

Do you even show people your work?

Less often than I used to. I showed the first 5 chapters of novel #1 to one of my internet writing groups but that's it. I used to show all of my short stories to my other internet writing group but I've got better at judging/critiquing my own work so don't feel the need quite so much these days.

Did you ever write a novel?

Was someone not paying attention? Yes, I have.

Ever written romance or teen angsty drama?

Not a straight romance, no. Teen angsty drama? Sort of. It was the second novel I ever attempted. I never finished it and it's still only 50,000 done (out of about 80,000).

What's your favourite setting for your characters?

It depends. In novel #1 there is a house that's pivotal to most of the drama so I'd have to choose that.

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Officially - one (the rewrite of novel #1) but I'm also writing a short story every two weeks for a short story competition and I'm longing to get back to novel #2 but it's on hold.

Do you want to write for a living?

Does Kylie have a small pert bum?

Have you ever won an award for your writing?

Er *cough* yes.

Ever written something in script or play format?

About ten years ago I wrote a 10 minute film script for a Lloyds TSB competition. It was about a Downs Syndrome couple that accidentally steal a baby. Funnily enough it didn't get anywhere.

What are your five favourite words?

I...WANT...TO...SIGN...YOU. No? Okay then - Serendipity, loquacious, anomaly, fluff and bum. (only one of those is my favourite word. I made the rest up off the top of my head).

Do you ever write based on yourself?

There's a bit of me in all my stories/novels.

What character that you've written most resembles yourself?

Shouldn't that be 'which character that you've written'? Um...dunno. A short story that hasn't (and will never) be published.

Where do you get ideas for your other characters?

I go down the library and steal them from out of print books. No? Okay, I make them up using a mixture of people I know/have known, people I've watched on the street, people on TV/in film, all sorts. They're a big hotch potch of everything I consciously and subconsciously absorb.

Do you ever write based on your dreams?

No, my dreams either make no sense or are terrifying.

Do you favour happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers?

I love a sad ending me but I have to admit I LOVED writing the ending to novel #1.

Have you ever written based on an artwork you've seen?

Ehrm...I think I may have entered a short story competition where you had to use a photo/picture as a yes.

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?

Well I find writing in gobbledygook quite hard to read back, so yes.

Ever write something entirely in chatspeak? (How r u?)

Yes, for a text competition. I had to write a story in a certain number of characters and the only way I could do that was to resort to text language (I felt dirty afterwards though)

Entirely in L337?

You what? What the hell is that? (you really do think I'm a geek don't you?)

Was that question completely appalling and un-writer like?

Considering I have no idea what you're on about I'd say it probably is.

Does music help you write?

It depends on the scene. Sad music helps me write emotional scenes and angry music helps me write angry scenes (can you see a link here?) but, when I'm writing a tricky scene (i.e. I'm not entirely sure what I'm about to write) I find any kind of music too distracting.

Quote something you've written. The first thing to pop into your mind.

No, I'm shy. Oh, okay, this is from my short story "What Shall We Do with the Bodies?" NB: This is not a representation of my, er, lighter works! P.S. I can't quote anything I've written so I had to cut and paste that.

"The mice are splayed open, cut from neck to anus and pinned by their hands and feet to chipboard mounts. The lab is empty of students. I saw them carry out their task, I watched them cutting and slicing, plucking and pinning. I saw them wash their hands and leave. Now it's just me, Mrs Green and twelve dissected mice with their innards on the outside. "

And now, because I'm evil ,I'm going to tag five people for this ridiculously long meme so I choose: SallyQ, A.Writer, Lane, HelenMH and Leigh. If I haven't tagged you and you're a complete masochist (or a bit short of blog topics) consider yourself tagged!


SallyQ said...

Ooh interesting one. Especially as I am a geek and have written fan fiction ;-)

I'll do it later.

A. Writer said...

Thanks for the tag.

Crikey it's long, isn't it? lol!

I'm doing it now...

Your answers made me laugh. (Kylie's pert bum! lol)

HelenMH said...

Oh I think I'm going to enjoy doing this one! Thanks Cally

Lane said...

Thanks Cally. That's my Saturday afternoon sorted:-)

Nice answers and I still love the title Weedy!

Leigh said...

LOL reading this!

I remember your post about "Weedy". I loved the pictures.

Innards on the outside? Very good! But yuck!

Thanks for the tag. Had a crap day, and working all this out has really cheered me up!