Sunday, 20 January 2008

Dreams of the dead

Several months ago I had a conversation with a friend about dreams, specifically dreams about close family and friends who have died.

"Some people believe that dreaming about dead people means they're still watching over you," he said.

"That's lovely," I replied.

Last night I dreamed about my gran who died several years ago.

I dreamt she wandered into her outside loo to do some paperwork and started having a chat with me. Unfortunately I was sitting on the loo at the time (she didn't seem bothered).

It would be lovely to think my gran is watching over know...all the time.


A. Writer said...

Aww. that's nice (even if you were on the toilet!)

I agree with your boyfriend.
Dreams can be quite meaningful.

(this is the second time I've tried to send this message, delete if necessary!)

Pacha said...

Hi Cally! I've been lurking for a few days and now, well, this post made me laugh so much I had to comment!

Maybe your gran wanted to give you some comfort and support in your time of need!!! I mean if she didn't mind then I think you shouldn't either;)

Lovely lovely blog by the way!

HelenMH said...

I dream about my parents all the time. It's weird because quite often in the dream I know they are dead. But once I dreamt that my Mum wasn't dead and it had all been a big mistake which was very disturbing. In the dream I still went to her funeral even though I knew she wasn't dead - don't ask why! No idea what it all means!

CTaylor said...

A.Writer - yes, nice but slightly disturbing! And I do think dreams can be meaningful - particularly in undercovering any worries or fears you have.

Pacha - that's a lovely thing to say. I do hope so :o)

Helen - I've had both, where I knew the people were dead and when I thought they were still alive. Funnily enough the ones where I knew they were dead were more reassuring because the person always appeared to tell me they were okay, they were happy.