Sunday, 6 January 2008

Films and Books in 2008

I have a truly appalling memory and the majority of books and film I read/see are swiftly forgotten (unless they have a profound effect on me). Someone will say to me "Have you seen/read X?" and I'll reply "Yeah, I have" and then Mr Someone will proceed to talk about how a certain scene/character in the film/book was funny/moving/terrifying etc and I'll have no idea what they're on about because I can't remember.

Because of my terrible memory I've decided to record all the films I see and books I read in 2008 in this blog so I can refer back to it if necessary. This will probably be very boring for blog readers but, hey-ho, just skip past my book/film entries if you like! Oh, and stop reading if you see the title, want to see the film/read the book and don't want to find out what happens as I'm going to include spoilers.

So, first film of 2008:

I Am Legend

Starring: Will Smith, a dog, a woman (actress unknown) , her daughter (unknown) and lots and lots and lots of crappy zombies

About: A man who survives a virus that wipes out everyone in New York (turning everyone not immune to it into a zombie).

What happens: Will Smith wanders around A LOT, talks to his dog A BIT and generally does not very much for 99% of the film until a) the zombies fight back b) his dog is bitten by a zombie dog (and Will Smith has to strangle it) c) a woman and her daughter turn up and offer to take him to safety. Action sequences spoiled by flashbacks to when Will Smith's wife and children leave NYC and their helicopter is hit by another helicopter. Will Smith dies at the end of the film (hooray).

Verdict: Absolute pile of rubbish. Really, really boring. Wish Will Smith had died halfway through the movie instead of the dog (would rather have watched a dog run around NYC instead of Will Smith). Also the CGI Zombies are awful. I felt like I was watching a video game.

Score: 1/10 (the dog was quite cute)


SallyQ said...

Oh I loved I Am Legend! I thought Will Smith did a good job and I sobbed when the dog died.

Shows how diverse peoples' tastes are, doesn't it? :-)


Oh dear - Husband and son are going to see I am Legend today...I won't pass your verdict on!

angelesque said...

I agree... perhaps I just wasn't in the mood to se that kind of film, but it didn't do a lot for me. The ending was a little weak, and the zombie infected people were RUBBISH! I thought it started off pretty well, but then went down hill... my boyf loved it though.

I'm using the fact that I went to see this as a bargaining tool to go and see PS I Love You, which will be rubbish, but I know I'll love!

Sarah*G* said...

I liked it. Saw it few day after Christmas at 11am. Was glad to see people when I came out into the daylight!

A. Writer said...

Your review made me giggle! I've seen clips of this movie and I don't think it's my cup of tea. And a dog dies? I couldn't watch that!

I'll not bother seeing this one!

CTaylor said...

Sally - Wow. Really? Didn't you think it dragged on and on and the zombies were rubbish? Obviously not. As you said, it shows how diverse people's tastes are! I hope I don't get I Am Legend fans finding this blog and sending me hate mail!

Karen - Oops. I hope they like it. From the comments so far on this blog it looks like a film you either love or hate!

Angelesque - Oh phew, someone who agrees with me. What a relief. You're right, it did start well. Shame it didn't keep that going. My boyf hated it too so I didn't feel too much like I was out on a limb by not enjoying it.

Sarah - that's two votes for and two votes against so far! :o) Did you find it scary then? I wasn't scared once because the zombies were so obviously CGI creations. Hmmm, I can see that my new film/book reviews could end up being quite contraversial!

A.Writer - it's a good job you're not going to see it as I've spoiled it now!

womagwriter said...

I'll give that one a miss then, I think!