Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions 2008

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year. I survived a crowded pub in North West London and a night of cider, champagne, absinthe, an evil paparazzi*, dancing bar staff, terrible europop and a curry explosion at 4am**

Now the headache has finally cleared I can start thinking about 2008 and what I want to achieve writing-wise and personal-wise (is that even a word?) so here we go...

Writing Resolutions for 2008

1. To complete the first draft of novel #2 (current acronym TPDA) by the end of June. I wrote novel #1 in 3 months and 3 weeks and it damned near killed me (very few nights off writing = no social life). This time I aim to write novel #2 quickly but not as though I have a gun to my head. Six months sounds like a reasonable amount of time, particularly as novel #2 will be written from the POV of three characters (whereas novel #1 was written just from one character's POV) and will probably be a little more complicated.

2. To complete the edit of novel #2 by the end of the year.

3. To sign with an agent and get a two book publishing deal (is that a resolution or a dream? Either way, it's something I'm aiming for in 2008)

4. To write short stories when the mood takes me and not because I feel I have to churn them out. I want writing short stories to be fun again, rather than a bit of a slog.

5. To only send short stories out to paying markets (or publications for charity) and be more selective about the competitions I enter.

Personal Resolutions 2008

1. The downside of doing so much writing in 2007 is that I spent most of my time glued to a chair and, as a result, the tape measure tells me I have developed 'writer's bum'. I need to sign up to the gym again and get running again to lose a few pounds.

2. To re-learn how to relax. This kind of ties in with point #1. In 2006 I discovered the joys (?) of pounding a treadmill. A half hour run three times a week (accompanied by angry rock on my mp3 player) really, really helped my stress levels (as well as slimming my bum). Last year I stopped going to the gym and, funnily enough, my stress levels went up (and not just because I was wasting money on a gym I didn't go to!). I also need to turn the TV off more and listen to music and read. Reading is much more relaxing than TV.

3. To take the time for non-writing related hobbies. Writing used to be my hobby - something I did for fun - and then I decided I wanted to get my short stories published and then I wrote a novel (and obviously wanted that to get published) and suddenly more was at stake and writing wasn't just for fun anymore. I enjoy art, craft, painting and knitting and find them really relaxing but I don't spend nearly enough time doing them.

4. To move to London. People who know me will know I've been saying this for a few years but yes 2008 will be the year I move back to London. It will!

5. To make more time for my friends. Writing is a solitary profession and everyone needs a break now and then!

So that's that - I've set my resolutions in stone, well, posted on the 'net, so no going back now.

In other news the beginning of novel #2 came to me on the train home today and I scribbled down a hundred words or so into my notebook. Time to set up the the new wordcounter me thinks! :o)

* only evil because he was the one proffering the absinthe and a strong East European drink called Unicum! He was actually a very funny man.

** Not as gross as it sounds fortunately.


Helen said...

Excellent resolutions Cally. I have a feeling you will achieve them and more!

Good luck.

SallyQ said...

These are great resolutions, Cally, and I can certainly empathise with Writers' bum (though what I called it before I had writing as an excuse, I forget)

Unicum? The image that conjures up! Perhaps another story for Xcite there ...;-)

Good luck with the resolutions!

Lucy Diamond said...

Those are all great resolutions, Cally - and as you say, no going back now you've told us all about them...
Best of luck for a fab 2008!

Yvonne said...

Great resolutions, I can relate to them (apart from moving to London!) Good luck with achieving all of them.

Lane said...

But you live in lovely Brighton!!!!???

Great resolutions cally and I have a feeling you will have a very successful year:-)

Got to agree with sallyq though. Unicum???


I try not to make resolutions, but love that 'clean slate' feeling of the new year. If I did though, I'd nick yours as they sound great (the writing ones, obviously!)

HelenMH said...

A busy year ahead! But I'm glad to hear you've built in some relaxing time x

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Oh no, not Unicum! I've got a bottle of that among the spirits collection I 'inherited' (he is alive and well) from my much-travelled Dad. Hope you didn't drink any, it's vile, but such a lovely bottle!

Good luck with the resolutions, no reason you shouldn't achieve them all

CTaylor said...

Helen - I do hope so!

Sally - I used to have couch potato bum. Writer's bum sounds much more glamorous! And yes, Unicum, cue lots of crude comments as people knocked back a shot!

Lucy - eek! And thanks

Yvonne - thanks. Fingers crossed.

Lane - Brighton is lovely but I've been here for 10 years now and it's time for a change.

Karen - I know what you mean. I don't normally make resolutions because normally they're so restrictive (e.g. no chocolate, no cigarettes, no booze) but these are a bit more relaxed.

Helenmh - absolutely. Relaxing is a must!

Sarah - aha! Someone who's heard of it. I was handed two shots but subtley handed them on to someone else with anyone noticing!