Monday, 7 January 2008

Publisher actively seeks submissions shocker!

This was just posted in one of my writing communities. If you've tried the traditional agent route and not had any luck or if you'd rather not bother getting an agent give them a go. Bear in mind that if you do contact an agent in the future they'll ask you if you've sent your novel to any publishers (they are unlikely to re-submit your novel to a publisher you've been rejected by).

Snowbooks are an award-winning independent publisher and not one of the 'big' names out there but the upside of that is that they can give you individual attention and they genuinely seem to care about the authors/books they promote. I recently read a proof copy of one of their books and I was blown away by it (I'll be posting a review when the book is published in March) so rest assured they publish very good stuff.

Anyway, this is Snowbook's call for submissions:

Snowbooks is actively seeking submissions for full length fiction. Rather than saying which genre and formats we're interested in, I'll say which we're *not*:

Short stories
Novellas (less than around 75,000 words)
Romance / Saga
Young adult

We're particularly interested in:

Commercial fiction (make of that what you will)
Original fiction (ditto)
Horror, esp. vampires, werewolves, zombies, apocalypse
Sci fi
Historical fiction

But don't fret too much about genre. If you are worried that it's not right for us, send it anyway - what's the worse that can happen? We require first three chapters to No synopsis, no extra bits necessary. This is for the autumn winter 2008 season so we'll be making relatively quick decisions.


Sarah*G* said...

oooh. Intriguing. Going to look at their website. Never heard of them before tnhough. Still tidying up my writing. Still got to finish the damn thing but am creating chapters with what I have got.

SallyQ said...

Thanks for this, Cally.

One of the women at the CAB where I used to volunteer, Sue Hepworth, was published by Snowbooks. Her novel was Plotting for Beginners and did quite well.

Moondreamer said...

Hi Cally!

Just wanted to say how much appreciated your blog is! Sally recommended you and I'm glad she did ... as someone very new to all this I am touched by how generous-spirited you all are.

The story generator is fab too! I write articles rather than fiction, but tried the generator and noted down some intriguing combinations ... maybe I'll have a go at a short story!

Hope your cold is much better :o)

Leatherdykeuk said...

I like Snowbooks. They rejected one novel of mine but I may well try another.

CTaylor said...

Sarah - No, I hadn't heard of them either until relatively recently but I think they're going to go places. They've signed some good authors. Keep on with the chapter splitting - the sooner you finish the tidying the sooner you can sub your novel to an agent or publisher!

Sally - Oooh! I saw her book on their website.

Moondreamer - thanks so much for popping by. You comment really lifted my mood (which definitely can be classified as ANXIOUS at the moment) and made me smile.

Leatherdyke - they do seem like a very nice group of people. Good luck if you sub to them again.

SpiralSkies said...

How fantastic that they seem to approachable. Top tip, cheers.

Don't forget to let us know what nice Mr Agent Dude says, will you?

Caroline said...

They designed the front covers to In Search of Adam and Black Boxes too. I think they once won young publisher of the year.

Juliette M said...

I'm sorry - A publisher actively seeking horror and fantasy books?!

I have to go lie down, now.

Thank you for the info Cally! I will check them out. Hope your cold is improving.


I read Plotting for Beginners last year and really liked it. I had a peek at their website then, as one to possibly submit to, and you've just reminded me :)

Lane said...

And what a great website. They look like nice people:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

I've heard good things about Snowbooks too. How exciting!

Sue Hepworth said...

Snowbooks are the best! I can tell you that from the inside.
(And I'm glad you liked Plotting for Beginners, Karen.)