Sunday, 20 January 2008


I work best when I set myself targets and deadlines. On Thursday my novel was 5% rewritten and my aim for the weekend was to speed up a bit and get the rewrite to at least 10% done.

I figured that as I'm going to have to do a second rewrite anyway (doing the rewrite in bursts means I'm going to have to re-read the entire novel anyway to check it still flows) I can't afford to be too precious about this re-write. I can't spend ages over every sentence. What I have to do now is to read it through, mark what needs particular work and then fix it.

The total novel word count has dropped as I've had to cut out big chunks of text that would be better placed later on in the novel, so I'm not worrying about that too much at this stage.

So...I did a couple of thousand words last night and a few more today. Total words rewritten: about 5,000! It seems this new approach is working (at least in terms of speeding up!)

9,767 / 86931 rewritten. (11.2% of the novel).

And now I'm going to watch American Idol. Nothing like a bit of trashy reality TV to relax the brain.


A. Writer said...

Well done! You are doing great!

You sound positive! It's all good!:)

HelenMH said...

Sounds like great progress!