Friday, 18 January 2008

Speedy Gontypist!

When I was eighteen I asked my Mum if I could have a gap year before I started university. She said "Yes...." and I started to imagine all the great adventures I'd have trotting the globe.

Unfortunately she finished her sentence "... only if you do a course. How about a nice admin/secretarial course? The skills will come in useful when you get a temping job during the university holidays."

Secretarial? Job? University holidays?

I was aghast. But I didn't want to go straight to uni so I eventually agreed (never did use the skills during the uni holidays though. Instead I picked strawberries, sorted post at the Royal Mail and worked in bars like other students!).

My shorthand skills are long forgotten but touch typing is the one skill I'm so glad I've got (and it probably helps explain why I wrote novel #1 relatively quickly).

So when JJ posted a link to a touch typing test on her blog on I immediately hurried off to see how fast I am:

79 words

How fast are you?


JJ said...

Oh Cally, I felt the stirrings of competition when I saw your result. I had to go off and test again. My learning to type between school and university was also a proper secretarial course (shorthand entirely gone aswell!) My second test was 66 - I was reasonably happy with that!
Me, competitive? No.

Leigh said...

Wow, Cally! That's fast!!!
I tried it, and it crashed my browser (!), but I've just got to have another go!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Hmmm I managed 40 words a minute, I guess that's pretty slow - my student jobs as a packer in a sausage factory and a (too timid) security guard left me a bit lacking in the useful skills department. Possibly why I tend to write longhand first and only type up afterwards (and why my comments are often full of typos :))

KayJay said...

Blimey, you type fast! I came in at a shoddy 43, but I have to say it's bloody difficult to type words that don't make any sense! I'm quicker when I'm typing what's in my head...but not as quick as you by a long chalk!


I mangaged 73 on the second go, thanks to a similar background of learning to touch-type years ago, plus having various secretarial jobs over the years! Typing a 'sentence' that doesn't make sense IS peculiar though - my brain feels funny :)

Juliette M said...

76 for me. :) What a fun test! Although I agree, a sentence that makes no sense is really brain-achy...

L-Plate Author said...

I managed 46, it's really addictive though. Somehow I can only manage to remember how to type 'sortof' properly with my left hand. My right hand does whatever it feels like. Must have a practice. Mind you now that I am in draft mode again, it will be interesting to keep track of how fast I become when I get into it more and more. M x

SallyQ said...

I managed 71 words a minute but tripped up on some of the words, wanting to put my own in!

I'm having another go ;-)

SallyQ said...

Got it up to 74 words ;-)

Leigh said...

Reckoned I got pretty close to your 69wpm, then came back to find it was 79 !!! Well, got a respectable 66, and am very pleased with it!

A. Writer said...

Check out Lily Sheehan's blog! She got a massive 109 words!

CTaylor said...

JJ - that's so funny! I have to admit I had a couple of goes until I got 79 ;o)

Leigh - it crashed my browser a few times too. I thought it was because I was typing so fast but maybe not!

Sarah - I bet you can pack 90 sausages a minute though ;o)

KayJay - I know what you mean. I kept wanting to type a word that logically came next instead of the one on the screen!

Karen - 73 is great. I bet you could beat me on your second go!

Juliette - it's quite addictive isn't it!

L-plate - I'm sure you'll get faster!

Sally - very impressive!

Leigh - 66 is very respectible!

A.Writer - No freakin' way? Is that even humanly possible?

SallyQ said...

The random words made it much more difficult, didn't it? I'm sure if we were copying from an extract that flowed naturally we'd be much quicker (well, that's my excuse!)