Thursday, 17 January 2008

Stop, start, stop, start

That's how I feel about rewriting my book.

I sat down tonight to get some more done and promptly ground to a halt after a couple of words.

"Waffly" my notes said.

I looked at the text on the screen.

"You can't do this," the devil on my shoulder said. "Just give up, watch TV instead."

"Bollocks," said the angel on my other shoulder (it's a foul-mouthed angel but it's my angel). "Of course you can do it. Just try."

So I did. And when I read it back it did sound a bit better.

Another couple of hundred words later I came across a passage marked "reorder this."

"Ha," said the devil. "This bit is really really tricky. Wouldn't you rather sit on the sofa for a bit?"

"Don't," said the angel. "Just get this bit out of the way and then you can have a break."

So I fixed the passage and paused, more than ready for my break.

"How about a bit more," said the angel. "Why don't you try and complete 1,000 words of rewrite tonight?"

"Don't bother," said the devil. "Do it at the weekend instead. You've got loads of time then. Go and have a sit down, you deserve it."

"Just another 400 words," said the angel, "that's all."

And so I did another 400 words and POOF! the angel and the devil disappeared. 1,000 words tonight means 5% of the re-write has now been completed. Only 95% to go!

Now do excuse me while I go and sink into the sofa and watch something mindless on TV.


JJ said...

Wow, Cally, that's great. Those damn voices eh?


Yvonne said...

That's brilliant Cally! Hope I have your strength when I start my edit.

CC Devine said...

5% down. Good work. So hard to be motivated some times and then others you're on a roll. Glad I'm not the only one!

Juliette M said...

Well done Cally! 5% is bigger than it sounds.

Enjoy the mindless TV :)