Monday, 21 January 2008

Taking Adam for a tube ride

People who take the tube get bored.
They look around a lot.

They read other people's newspapers over their shoulders.

They read the overheard adverts again...and again...and again.

They'll read pretty much anything.

Which is why I've pinned my "I've found Adam" badge to my coat.

Because I know they'll read it.

And because I'll get a kick out of seeing the confused looks on their faces as they think "who is Adam and how and why did you find him?"

Have I joined a cult?
Has Jesus changed his name by deed poll?
Have the Counting Crows lost their lead singer?
Have I dug up the bones of the first man on earth?

Of course they'll all be too polite to ask. But if they do I'll say,

"You too can find Adam (my child). Just go to your local bookseller on 1st February and all will be revealed. Alternatively you could visit Caroline's blog"

Hmmm...maybe it would be better if I got little business cards printed out saying all of that...because people on the tube don't talk to each other and they'd think I was weirdo. Which I'm not (much).
p.s. Yes I know my coat collar is covered in fluff. Life's too short to pick it off!


HelenMH said...

Brilliant! Adam's getting everywhere at the moment isn't he?!

Leigh said...

They might think you were a clairvoyant, seeing as you've found him over a week before the date mentioned! Yey, endless opportunities for behaving oddly!

CTaylor said...

Helen - he certainly is!

Leigh - that's a very good point. I hadn't thought of that. More reason for confusion!

Sarah*G* said...

I love those little badges! I would so love to see the confused looks on peoples faces when they read the badge and then try to look like they were not just staring at your shoulder and trying to work out who Adam is! If only they asked then they would get to know where they too could find him!!

Caroline said...


Can I steal this phoeo ... please?

AND if you find another Adam badge wearer on the tube, be sure to shout SNAP really really loudly :)


CTaylor said...

Sarah - if someone were to strike up a conversation with me about my badge on the tube there would only be three reasons why:

1) They were old/lonely/senile
2) They were drunk
3) They were foreign (only tourists talk to stranger in London!)

Caroline - of course you can! Your SNAP! comment made me laugh out loud.

Juliette M said...

"Have the Counting Crows lost their lead singer?"


As a CC fan I am muchly amused by that one!

And for a minute I thought you'd taken a pic of me - that could be my black coat with badge, breast cancer pin, and red pashmina! Great minds clearly have good fashion sense (or something)