Saturday, 5 January 2008

That's more like it!

1,149 words of novel #2 written tonight. After a slightly stuttering start the other day I feel like I'm getting a bit more into my stride now. Despite the fact I finished editing novel #1 back in November last year it's quite hard shaking off the memory of my old main character and stepping into the shoes of my new one. It's a bit like I was in love with my old character but we can't be together any more so I'm trying to fall in love with someone new but I'm finding it hard (because I still have strong feelings for my old character). That said I know that the more I get to know my new character the more I'll love her until, eventually, my old character will just be a warm memory and I'll be madly in love with my new character.

Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

Unlike novel#1 where I knew exactly what was going to happen in the first three chapters I'm not 100% sure how to write the first few chapters of this novel. That said, at the moment, I'm enjoying the experience of feeling my way into the story and not knowing exactly what's around the corner. It makes the novel more exciting to write.


Sarah*G* said...

Well done Cally. I am sure you will get on brilliantly with novel 2.

Not sure if you were emailed/contacted about this in September so thought I would let you know. I just rediscovered it myself and found out they gave me an award!

SallyQ said...

That makes perfect sense to me, Cally. I've just been talking on my blog about finally getting under the skin of one of my main characters. I don't think any amount of planning what sort of person your character is going to be compares with actually writing the story and learning about your character that way.

Leigh said...

1,149 words in one evening - very good! I can relate to the problem of old friends; my hero and heroine in novel 1 play much smaller parts in novel 2, and I'm struggling to keep them in the background!

HelenMH said...

It's great that you feel so strongly about your characters. That must help when the going gets tough!

Flowerpot said...

I know exactly what you mean Cally. Strange old business isn't it?!

Lane said...

Well done Cally. It must be hard to leave a loved character and move on.

On another note Cally, ages ago you asked on your blog about word lengths for children's books. I gave you an answer but I can't remember what it was or where I found it. I've looked back at your archives and can't find it. Any idea when you would have asked?

CTaylor said...

Sarah - thanks so much for the award :o) I'm pretty sure I blogged about it back in September but I didn't actually put the award in my side bar. Maybe I should?

Sally - I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way. I've never been one for sitting down and writing out 101 things about my characters before I start to write about them. Instead I prefer to get a 'feeling' about them and see how that develops.

Leigh - Glad it's not just me. Good on you for keeping the characters in novel #1 in novel #2, apparently publishers are very keen on serials. Unfortunately for me it would be very hard to write a serial for novel #1, if not impossible!

Helenmh - it does because they bug the hell out of me to finish telling their story!

Flowerpot - Phew! Glad you feel the same way. I started to feel a bit weird about writing that I'd "fallen in love" with my characters!

Lane - I don't think you posted that on my blog. I've got a really strong feeling that you posted it in the comment section on someone else's blog (I'd posted there too). God knows whose blog it was though. Hope it wasn't Nicola's because she's deleted it. If it helps I've bought a book on how to write for children and it's definitely in there so I could look it up for you if you like. Which age group are you after?

Lane said...

Hi cally

Thanks for that. I thought I was going mad not being able to find it. I know I've got the info written down in a notebook somewhere but .... yes too many notebooks so I'm blowed if I can find it:-)

I'm aiming at 6-8 year olds. I think it should be around 10,000 for the younger end and a bit more for older ones but I just wanted to check. If you've got any info Cally I'd be most grateful. Ta m'dear x