Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Competitions that disappear into the mist...

I've got a spreadsheet of all the short story and flash competitions I've entered and I update it with the result - a yellow highlight if I place and a grey highlight if I didn't get anywhere. I was just looking through it to see if there are any stories I can 'recycle' and send out and noticed there are a couple of comps from last year where I've got no idea of the result. I can't find any updates on the comp websites and a google search doesn't reveal anything.


Does anyone know anything about the following comps? If you know the results have been announced or someone who placed in one of them could you let me know (you don't have to name names) just so I get the grey highlighter out and send my stories elsewhere.

1) Belvedere Writers (closing date 31 July 2007)
2) The Lady short story competition (closing date 7 October 2007)
3) Seafield short short story comp (closing date 31 October 2007)
4) W.F. and F.G. Froud Memorial Competition (closing date 31 October 2007)


Edited to add: I received the results of the Seafield competition today (28 Feb). They are as follows:

First prize: Pat Borthwick for "Late Road Home"
Second Prize: Jo Burge for "The Road Not Taken: You Are There"
Third Prize: Mrs JT Drazin for "Regret"

First Prize: Helen Kitson for "Woman's Work"
Second Prize: Ann Bennett for "Ped Xing"
Third Prize: Mary Green for "The Girl in Our Lives"



Funnily enough, I just contacted The Lady magazine to ask if a winner had been chosen yet! I'll let you know when I hear back from them :o)


Apparently, The Lady competition is still being judged. They extended things due to the postal strikes and will be announcing a winner soon, but don't know when yet :o)

TitaniaWrites said...

Re Belvedere writers club, you should write to the guy who runs it, Paul Cunliffe. Very nice man. I was a finalist in their first comp, and was published in their anthology, which is lovely, don't get me wrong - but despite all assurances, they never announced a winner. It was supposed to be announced at the anthology launch event, but the bookshop in which that was going to be held closed down, or something like that. They should, though, most definitely, let you know the situation. His email is pcunliffe (at) gmail (dot) com.
I hope you find out something soon!


CTaylor said...

Karen - thanks so much for letting me know. I assume I haven't got anywhere if they're announcing the winner but it's good to know we'll find out soon.

Titania - thanks so much for the info. How strange that they didn't announce a winner for the last comp? I've emailed them twice (once via their website and once to the email address they provide) but I'll also have another go with the email address you've provided. Cheers.

SallyQ said...

Thanks for the information about the Lady comp, Karen. I was wondering about that one.

I've not heard any news about the others, Cally, sorry. The Seafield comp doesn't have a website, so I wouldn't know how to go about getting information. I've never heard of the last one at all.

Rosie said...

I entered Seafield too, and enclosed a results sae. Heard nothing yet, so I live in hope! Good luck, Cally, and anyone else who entered. :-)

Rosie said...

I entered Seafield too, and enclosed a results sae. Heard nothing yet so I live in hope! Good luck, Cally, and to anyone else who entered. :-)

Rosie said...

Me again, Cally. I've just received a SAE with a Newcastle postmark, but it's empty! Not even stuck down, so god knows what it means...

SallyQ said...

I've found the Seafield comp phone number on an old calendar. It's

0191 4551268

It might be worth giving them a ring to find out what's going on.

CTaylor said...

Rosie/Sally: Thanks but I've GOT the Seafield results! I edited the post yesterday. Look up there!