Friday, 29 February 2008

Ebay Gum I'm Knackered!

Didn't do any rewriting tonight because I just spent the last FIVE hours taking photos of stuff and uploading it to ebay.
Aaaagh! Why does it have to take so long?
But that's it now. Once that lot sells that's it. No more ebaying for at least six months!
Now all I have to do is:
  • pray for a charity bag to fall the letter box sometime soon so I can give away a binbag's worth of clothes that's taking up all the space in the hall
  • give away an airwalker/gravity machine on freecycle (it's been in the wardrobe for a year now so safe to say I'm not going to use it any time soon!)
  • give away a pack and a half of kitchen tiles on freecycle
  • give away a bookcase on freecycle
  • paint the bedroom
  • finish painting the kitchen
  • finish glossing the living room
  • buy and put down edging in living room
  • get bike serviced
And I'm done.
Apart from
  • rent out flat
  • find new flat
  • tell gas/elec/council etc I'm moving
  • arrange royal mail post redirection
  • find removal company that doesn't charge an arm and a leg (no such thing I fear!)
  • pack
  • etc
  • etc
I'd better stop listing things before I freak out!


HelenMH said...

Five hours!!!! OMG! You must have been losing the will to live!

Nichola said...

I will not hear a word against list-making. I heart lists!

Lily Sheehan said...

I love lists too, providing they aren't as long as yours! Don't you just hate moving

Lane said...

Cally, you'll be crossing things off that list in no time:-)

KAREN said...

You're going to need a holiday very soon!

L-Plate Author said...

God, do ALL writers make lists. How bizaar! x