Friday, 1 February 2008

Hello Postie!

Sometimes being a writer sucks and not just because of the dreaded block or attacks of the wobbles, but because of the postman. Some mornings I pad down the stairs to the front door and pick up a wadge of bills, rejections, junk mail and bad news.

Other mornings, like today, I pad down the stairs and pick up nothing but loveliness. And then the birds tweet and small woodland animals frollic around and being a writer is the best thing in the world.

So what did I receive today?

1. A cheque. Payment for a short story competition I won. I've got a million birthdays and special occasions to pay for this month so it should help plug a huge hole in my bank balance.

2. A signed copy of Messages by Lynne Rees and Sarah Salway.

I ordered it after taking part in the Your Messages challenges so I could continue to read the flashes, be inspired and write something in response. Just flicking through a couple sparked my brain and made me feel like writing.

Incidentally, if you want a copy of Your Messages, the book containing the 300 word responses written by 41 authors as part of the challenge (all proceeds to charity), just click on the link. Because I couldn't make the launch party last night I'll have to wait for my copy to arrive in the post (which means I've got something else to look forward to).

3. A copy of Aesthetica magazine

Talk about speedy! On 18th Jan the fiction editor emailed me to say they wanted to print my flash "Waiting for Julia" and, less than a month later, tada! There it is, printed, and just a few pages after an interview with Sarah Waters no less (do you think the proximity means some of her talent will rub off on me?)

So yes, a good day for post.


Kate.Kingsley said...

What a lovely bunch of post! Well done on the Aesthetica story, too.

ps ~ love the new look blog :-)

Fiona said...

Congratulations on 'Waiting for Julia' - good postman. I would normally have put an exclamation mark there but the exclamation police might get me.

SallyQ said...

Aw, that's a nice lot of post, Cally. It must remind you why you're doing all this :-)


Now that's the kind of post worth getting up for! I'm going to buy a copy of Aesthetica 'specially :)

Nichola said...

My postie was nice to me yesterday. Today he brought me nowt. Tomorrow he'll probably bring me a bill - the complete and utter git. ;)

Don't forget to spend a huge chunk of that cheque on YOURSELF! :D

Cathy said...

Thats the sort of post I would like to get! Shame you couldn't make the party though, hope you're starting to feel better.


Lane said...

What a lovely bundle from the Postie!

Hope your cough is better and I lurve the new zingy template:-)

Leigh said...

Oh, what a lovely Postie. Sometime you want to thump them, and other times you want to kiss them. I hope you are as restrained as I am on both counts!

Leigh said...

Oh, what a lovely Postie. Sometime you want to thump them, and other times you want to kiss them. I hope you are as restrained as I am on both counts!

CTaylor said...

Kate - thanks! You can almost see the procrastination at work can't you? Shall I rewrite or spend hours re-designing blog. Hmmmm.

Fiona - Thanks. I think the exclamation police are looking the other way. Quick, run!

Sally - it really does.

Karen - oh how lovely of you. You really don't have to (but I'm very touched at the thought)

Nichola - Does putting it towards a fireplace/hole in the chimney count? Hmmmm...didn't think so!

Cathy - AM starting to feel much better thanks. Still have a cough but it's less frequent now. Thank God!

Lane - Thanks. Cough and blog much improved now :o)

Leigh - I can honestly say I've never punched or kissed a postman. Actually that's a lie on both counts (I used to date one).