Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I HATE flat pack

Screws...tiny screws EVERYWHERE...piece of wood...teeny tiny holes...read instructions "Screw screw A into hole F".

Ouch my finger...why won't the bloody screw go in the hole?...shit, there's SIXTEEN of them and I can't even get one in without it pinging across the room.

And I've got two of these bloody cupboards to make. THIRTY-TWO evil screws that won't screw in the thirty-two teeny tiny holes.

*bangs head against wall*

I'd rather be re-writing my novel (and that's saying something!).

How's your day going?


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I've been doing a small amount of writing and a large amount of very tedious admin, so I'm fed-up too - and am now cheering myself up by doing my weekly commenting round of the Novel Racers. You have my sympathies on the flat-pack front. I once rang IKEA and ranted down the phone because they'd left a piece out of the pack for a desk I was assembling. The poor person I spoke to was profusely apologetic and ended up arranging for one to be sent to me by courier. Then, five minutes after I got off the phone, I found the piece in question. Ringing IKEA back was really embarrassing!

Kate.Kingsley said...

I think I must be a wee bit wrong, cos I LOVE making up flat pack furniture! It's like a giant 3-d jigsaw.

Hope you eventually managed to get it all together.

A. Writer said...

I'm with Kate on this one! I love making up flat pack furniture too! I've managed to make a bookcase and my desk. Plus I managed to put together my posture chair/stool thing.

If I lived nearer, believe me, I would be round at yours in a flash! Love making stuff!

My day has been pretty good. Got a good chunk of editing done (I'm at 30% done) so I'm happy! :)

Best of luck with the cupboards.

Sarah Charsley: said...

Ohmigod Cally, I've lived that exact same nightmare! Except I kicked and dented the object in question making it even more difficult/impossible to put together. Yes, after my last flat-pack purchase which has remained half-assembled in a corner of my flat for the last 4 months with a sheet over it lest I be reminded of the torturous hours I spent trying to get it to faintly resemble the picture in the catalogue, breath, I have decided to boycott all things flat and packlike. I'd rather sit/sleep/eat my dinner off the floor than go through that pinging, nailing, screwdriving-madness ever again. Apparently you can buy flat pack houses now - pass me a cardboard box.

K.Kingsley and A.Writer, if you’re ever bored and fancy a trip to Seven Dials, drinks are on me!

Cally, Good luck (I’ve got a spare sheet if you need one!).

CTaylor said...

Zinna - your comment made me grin. I'm afraid to admit I would have been too ashamed to ring them back and would have taken delivery of the replacement!

Kate - What's wrong with you? No, seriously, I didn't mind doing it (sort of) until I discovered that the holes were too small to screw the screws into and they kept slipping out and bouncing around the room! Solution: Hammer+Nail+Space where hole should be = bigger hole = success! I got there in the end. It only took..ahem...3 HOURS to put a cupboard together. And by then I was too knackered to do the second one. More tomorrow (maybe).

A.Writer - wow, another freak (kidding). If you lived closer I'd definitely be on the phone! And would pay you in chocolate or wine or both!

Sarah - your sheet comment made me laugh! I refused to be defeated though and finally finished the bugger (with only a small chip at the bottom ;o)) Are you in Seven Dials in London or Brighton? I only realised there was a Seven Dials in London the other day (I think I live with my eyes and ears shut 90% of the time!)

Moondreamer said...

Oh no, what a nightmare, Cally!

When I moved into this house, I put together my old bed, which had been dismantled by someone else for the move.

It has never been quite the same and now only resembles a bed with the addition of piles of books and an old cupboard door as extra support.

Love the funny picture!

Am guessing you have moved to your new home now? Hope you're soon feeling settled in. (And that the second cupboard will be a doddle now!)


CTaylor said...

Moondreamer - Nope, haven't moved yet. I bought the flatpack cupboard because my flat is full of bookshelves of books, cds and dvds and, in such a tiny place, they make the place look cluttered. I bought two cupboards so I can hide everything away! Am going to give away the bookshelves on freecycle.


Nightmare. We've actually got to the point where we'd rather buy a decent second-hand piece of furniture that's already erected, than put ourselves through flat-pack hell!!

A. Writer said...

Sarah - I don't have a clue where Seven Dials is!lol But if I'm bored I'll make a point of knowing where it is if I can make some furniture! lol!

Cally - I probably am a freak. But I'm a creative sort - I like making things with my hands.

Getting paid with Chocolate sounds like my kind of payment! lol

Sarah Charsley: said...

Cally and A Writer. FYI Seven Dials is in Brighton. Didn't know there was a Seven Dials in London...I know there's a Seven Sisters as me and my sister went to a London Underground fancy dress party as it - we wore all black and stuck flourescent cardboard cut-out number 7's all over ourselves. The only downside was that we had to stick together for the whole night or it wouldn't have been as effective.

Fancy dress parties, for or against? Think they're underrated myself. I know, how about a flatpack party, I'll host, flatpacks provided. Bring a bottle - and a hammer.

womagwriter said...

I like putting together flat-pack furniture too! Very satisfying, in my experience. I never get to do it any more, though. My 12-year old leaps on every flatpack we buy and does it himself. I might get asked to hold a bit steady while he screws it together, that's all. I'll send him round to you next time, shall I?

I used to live near Brighton Seven Dials, in the dim and distant past. Was a student in Brighton. Fab place.