Monday, 25 February 2008

My Flat Stinks of Gloss Paint

After my rewriting marathon last weekend I decided to give myself the night off today.

Only a night off isn't a proper night off when there's redecorating to be done (it helps that broadband went down for several hours) so I got myself down to B&Q and bought a tub of white gloss paint, a hacksaw and some screws, came home and:
  • fitted a floor divider thingy for floors of different heights, between the kitchen lino and hallway laminate
  • screwed a door draft excluder thingy (piece of metal with brushes on it) to the bottom of a door
  • glossed the bathroom door, both sides
  • glossed the bathroom doorway
  • glossed the front door
  • glossed the front doorway
  • glossed half the skirting in the living room (furniture is now bundled in the middle of the room making it hard to see the tv)
  • did the washing up
  • cooked dinner

My flat stinks. But it's too cold to open the windows. Am scared to light a candle in case the whole place explodes ;o)


Helen said...

Sod the cold I'd have to open a window or two! I can't stand the smell of paint. My house however smells of plaster and plaster board and I have a lovely coating of plaster dust everywhere! Fab.

CTaylor said...

Helen - I think I'm going to have to. I can barely breath! Ooooh plaster dust. I'm still finding it in weird little crevices and drawers in my kitchen after having it fitted four months ago!

L-Plate Author said...

Have you ever thought of writing a weird story about decorators, painters,what's mixed in the paint as it goes on the wall....Just a thought after reading one of your earlier posts!

Debs said...

This may sound strange and may also be a little late to be useful but have you tried cutting an onion in half and leaving it in a bowl. Apparently the onion soaks up the smell, it does work I seem to remember.

Well done on all your hard work, I bet it looks great even if it doesn't smell too good right now.

CTaylor said...

L-Plate: What's mixed into the paint? Huh? Sorry, only got 4 hours sleep last night. Not following you!

Debs - Oooh, great idea. I'll try that if it still stinks when I get home later!

KAREN said...

I can't bear the smell of gloss paint either - apart from when I was pregnant, oddly. Could have drunk the stuff. I didn't though :o)

Sher said...

You're right, that was most certainly not a night off.

Lucy Diamond said...

You are so impressive! If you've got any time on your hands, do come over, our house could do with a bit of help! ;)