Saturday, 16 February 2008

New Fiction/Non Fiction Market for Women Writers

One of my 'friends' on mySpace just contacted me to let me know about a fledging magazine for women writers. I scanned the page and don't see any mention of payment but it may be worth a go if you want to add to your writing CV/list of publications or if you'd just like to help out a new magazine. As the call for subs is for the first edition I've got no idea what the quality will be like.

Check it out here:

They say they're particularly interested in "Science Fiction, Horror and Erotica, but will consider other, or mixed, genre work"

p.s. Sorry, I've been quiet of late - I've been up to my elbows and ankles and paint. That's a new thing to add to my list. I hate flat pack AND painting. And I STILL haven't done any rewriting but busted a gut with the painting today so I can spend all tomorrow afternoon and evening rewriting without feeling guilty about project 'Tart up Flat'.

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