Friday, 22 February 2008

Rewrite and submissions

Feeling a little bit bleurgh today (I think I might be coming down with something) so only did a couple of thousand words of the rewrite (I meant to do more) but I DID hit 40% done.

Unfortunately I can't do any more until Sunday afternoon and, if I want to keep up with the 3 month schedule I set myself a few blog posting ago, I'll have to rewrite another 5.3% (about 4,300 words). Doable but I'll have to kiss any re-decorating work goodbye to get it done.

We'll see.

I also did some submissions this evening. Because of the novel rewrite I'm not writing as many short stories as normal but I've got about a dozen that need homes, preferably paying ones. My submissions log also looks a bit pitiful (for the first time in ages I've got under 10 subs out there).

So now I've got a small pile of brown A4 envelopes in the middle of the living room floor. 4 stories to go to women's magazines and a flash to a competition.

There's something very satisfying about printing stories out, stapling them, attaching cover letters and a sae, slipping them into envelopes and stacking them up. It's like a small pile of hope.

Tomorrow I'll slip them into the post box. I'll stop short of kissing them but I will wish them luck!

33,419 / 81,887 words rewritten (40.8% of novel)


JJ said...

I would definitely not stop short of kissing them! I found myself kissing my Blackberry last week...

Lane said...

a small pile of hope ... lovely!

Go on, give them a big smacker for luck. I'll send a cyber one - mwah:-)

K.Imaginelli said...

i like the "small pile of hope" phrase too.

keep up the wonderful progress!

womagwriter said...

Yep, hope in a brown envelope, I know that feeling!

Good luck with those subs, Cally.

womagwriter said...

Yep, hope in a brown envelope, I know that feeling!

Good luck with those subs, Cally.

Sarah Charsley: said...

Hi Cally

Just catching up with your blog as my pc was down for a few days and well, life (and sanity) had to be put on hold until it was fixed.

I noticed you mentioned you've entered a flash fiction comp, could you tell me the name of it as I'd be interested in entering? I can't seem to manage stories of than a few hundred words yet, so I think flash fiction comps would be a good place to start.

Any info would be hugely appreciated x