Sunday, 17 February 2008



That's the word that just about sums up the way I feel at the moment. WHY did I think it would be a good idea to move flat while I'm rewriting my novel? You'd think a (small) one bedroom flat wouldn't take long to tidy up, reorganise and redecorate would you?


One week on and I'm still nowhere near sorted although I have now repainted the hallway, bathroom and living room. That sounds good but they've only had one coat of magnolia each. I still need to do a second coat AND a first coat in the kitchen and bedroom and gloss all of the skirting boards, picture rails and doors. I also have another box of flatpack to assemble and I'm back to work tomorrow.

Will this hell never end?

I've also been feeling horribly guilty about my rewrite and forced myself to sit down and do something this evening (ignoring the plaintive "I'm blotchy, paint me too!" call from the ceiling).

I didn't do a huge amount (just didn't have the stamina) but managed another 2.2% taking me up to 35.5% done. At the moment I feel very much like I'm peering down a long tunnel and can see bugger all, but I'm sure once I hit 50% the batteries in my rewrite torch will give off a dim glow (sorry, shit metaphor, told you I was tired!).

Right, time to cook some dinner, watch some TV and attempt to unwind.

29,386 / 82,715 words rewritten (35.5% of novel)


Yvonne said...

Really impressed, especially as my flat is one bedroom and when I bought it I actually had vertigo at work (the teenage drinker hang onto your bed it's vomit time) from the amount of sanding I was doing to the walls. Amazed and impressed that you are able to write in these situations!


I've heard it said, that if you want something doing ask a busy person! There is a limit though, so don't forget to take a deep breath now and then. Maybe have a little lie down (if you can find the bed ;o)

HelenMH said...

As ever you are a human whirlwind. Don't forget to eat and sleep though! Well done on the rewrite, you will start to see an end in sight soon, honest!

A. Writer said...

You remember a few months ago where you stuck a photo of your head on top of Superwoman's body but you scored it out?

Well, I don't think it should be scored out anymore. You are Superwoman! I can't believe how much you've done lately. Well done you!

CTaylor said...

Yvonne - thanks! I'm amazed I can manage to write and redecorate etc too. I think I'm in for a nervous breakdown once it's all over! Vertigo sounds horrible btw.

Karen - a little lie down sounds lovely! Unfortunately if I do that I'm likely to stay there forever! ;o)

Helenmh - Oh I wish I could stop eating. Am I the only person in the world to get fatter instead of thinner in the face of stress?

A.Writer - Aw, thanks luv. I don't feel like a Superwoman at the moment. More SuperStressedOut woman! Oh to be a wealthy author with tons of cash to pay people to do all of this for me!

L-Plate Author said...

Hang on in there matey, if you can find a space to write in. I feel a bit like that myself at the mo. The Bloke from Stoke is still nagging me, so I'm getting nowhere near as much as I used to do when I worked part time. Ah well, maybe it is time to send book two out? x