Sunday, 24 February 2008


50% DONE!

That's 15% of a novel I rewrote this week. It's amazing what you can do when you pull your finger out (and your social life evaporates and your flat turns into one big dust bunny and your cupboards are bare because you haven't had time to go food shopping and your decorating still isn't done and you've lived off takeaways and haven't done any exercise and...)

Anyway, 50% done. Woo!

Can I get away with doing no re-writing next week now? No? Didn't think so!

41,171 / 81,567 words rewritten (50.4% of novel)


Leigh said...

Well Done, Cally! That's mighty good progress. I'm only about 18% done, and struggling, so I really admire your hard work!

Lane said...



Yay! Well done cally:-)


That's brilliant. You put me to shame!

My trouble is, I start doing housework when I should be writing...

HelenMH said...

Yey! 50% done is brilliant! Who cares about dust bunnies!

L-Plate Author said...

Well done kiddo! You too!

I'm aiming for 60% by the end of the week, care to join me? x

A. Writer said...

Okay, so maybe you'll beat me after all but I've not given up!!!!

CTaylor said...

Leigh - thanks luv! I'm quite proud of myself now (if pooped).

Lane - I KNOW. 50% Woo!

Karen - Ah, the joy of procrastination. Leave the housework, abandon it. Embrace your inner slob ;o)

Helen - Quite! Admire the dust bunnies for they mean a writer is at work (or something like that!)

L-Plate - 60%. Jeez woman, you're a slave driver. Oh okay then. You're on!

A.Writer - Don't you dare give up. C'mon, you just have to do 6% to catch up with me. 7% to beat me. Get editing!