Monday, 11 February 2008

Scissors, Dog, L-Plate, Padlock, Railway

Look at the title of this post...

Is there a story there?

Have another look...

Anything pop into your head? A tiny germ of an idea?

Then good!

Get yourself along to:

and write a short story including Scissors, Dog, L-Plate, Padlock, Railway and email it in by 1st March and you could win £150 if yours is the winning entry.

NB: They'll probably publish an anthology of the best entries at the end of the comp and if you want a copy, you'll have to pay for it (this happened to me when I entered this comp back in 2005). I don't think this is vanity publishing as they didn't publish all the entries submitted but it's worth bearing in mind when you enter. Still, it's free to enter and if you don't win and they publish your story in the anthology you don't have to buy it!


Moondreamer said...

What an intriguing combination of things!

Thanks for this Cally, will check it out.


L-Plate Author said...

I thought I'd been included in a song! x