Monday, 4 February 2008

What Sweet Hell is This?

Is the universe playing tricks on me or are my possessions secretly cloning themselves?

I'm moving flat in the next few months and, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm trying to get my flat in a rent-out-able state. I need to get the hole in my chimney (a bi-product of the new boiler I had fitted at the end of last year) converted into a fireplace (the ornamental 'stick a few candles in it and it'll look lovely' kind) and new flooring laid in the kitchen (also a new boiler side-effect). I also need to paint the whole place magnolia (even though I swore I'd never paint my flat magnolia). But hey, if I'm going to be a landlord I need to do things by the 'keep it neutral' book).

In my mind I imagine potential tenants floating through my flat, admiring the fresh, clean paintwork and the tasteful minimalist decoration.

Instead my flat is a riot of STUFF.

It's everywhere. Six years worth of books, cds, clothes, dvds and paperwork filling every bookcase, shelf, chest of drawers, wardrobe and cupboard. There are piles of paper on the printer, the coffee table, the desk and the floor. It's arranged reasonably neatly but there's no doubt about it - I have too much stuff and minimalism laughs in my face.

Time for Operation Sort It Out.

A few weeks ago I sorted through all my clothes and filled two bin bags to go to charity. This evening I decided to go through my wardrobe...and filled another bin bag.

The more I throw or give away the more it mounts up. I've written a list of 'things to do' as well and the more I cross off the more I add.

Sod WhatsHisName pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity - this is hell!


Leigh said...

Oh, Cally, I'm struggling with the same. Tell you what, you come and chuck out all my stuff, and I'll come and chuck out all your stuff.

Shouldn't take too long...!

Lane said...

I know what you mean? Where does it all come from. I admit to buying books, loads of them but I don't often buy CDs and yet we have 1000's and the piles keep growing!

Keep going Cally. Don't let the 'stuff' beat you:-)

CTaylor said...

Leigh, your comment made me laugh out loud! In a weird way that's not a bad idea - having someone else say, "Are you REALLY going to read this again?" or "Have you actually worn this in the last year?"

Nichola said...


Okay, okay, I'm showing do you believe I have a degree in Classical Mythology, or that I just watch too many episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess?


It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate isn't it. When we last moved house about five years ago, I swore it would be the last time -don't think I could bear to go through it again!

Didn't someone once say that if a possession is neither useful nor a thing of beauty it should go?? Don't know how helpful that is really, what with beauty being in the eye of the beholder!

angelesque said...

I am also in the process of moving flats this week, and I too have too much stuff. My boyfriend is unimpressed by the number of books that I have as he's had to carry them all up two flights of stairs...

I HATE throwing things away, despite the fact that I haven't even thought about some of the stuff in my flat for two years. BOO to moving house!

A x


Another award over at mine, by the way. As if you haven't got enough going on!

(You're not rolling your eyes are you??)

KayJay said...

Seems like we're living in parallel at the moment!

Did you find a flat in London?

CTaylor said...

Lane - I will fight the stuff and win :o)

Nichola - show off! Can I wimp out and vote both? ;o)

Karen - that's a great quote. I've definitely got some stuff kicking around that's are neither useful nor beautiful. Mostly given to me by other people ;o)

Angelesque - At least your boyfriend is helping you move. I suggested to the boyf that he help me pack. The laughter is still ringing in my ears!

Karen - Oooh thanks for that. Will collect it soon before some bugger nicks it.

KayJay - I've found many LOVELY flats in London but none of them are prepared to wait for me to get my act together :o( What's the betting that only small, ugly, damp flats with no gardens are available when I AM ready to move! How's your move going?

Moondreamer said...

Good luck with Operation Sort It Out, Cally!

I had my own mission early in January, but didn't get very far and it all needs doing again ...

There's an award at my place for you ... with thanks for your excellent and very useful blogging recently!


Moondreamer said...

Not that your blog isn't always fab, of course!

Just realised what I put!