Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Writer's Book of Hope (Getting From Frustration to Publication)

I've been reading quite a lot about this book on the web in the last few weeks:

I've read the first few pages on Amazon (using the 'look inside' function) and it sounds quite good. I could do with a bit of writing 'hope' too! Oh dear am I going add another book to my enormous collection of 'How to' books?

Anyone read it? Is it worth getting?


Lane said...

Looks good. Do you know I've never noticed the 'look inside' function.
Thanks Cally:-)

KAREN said...

Oh dear. I may not be able to resist. Trouble is, inspiring as all my How To Write books are, what I really need is a book, that shouts 'GET ON WITH IT, WOMAN,' every time I open it. In a really scary voice.

HelenMH said...

Oh please don't encourage me to buy more books! Could do with some hope though - does it look like it's mainly about writing a novel, or more general writing?

Debs said...

It does look good. I've never noticed the 'look inside' function either.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Will have to check this one out, it sounds very promising.

The look inside function is very useful. As is 'search inside' - by which means it is technically possible to read an entire book (though it would be too tortuous to try). I was recommended 'The Writer's Idea Book' by Jack Heffron today. It has 'search inside' which for a book of writing prompts is a gift!