Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Do agents look at wannabe authors' websites?

This American agent does (if she's interested in the submission):

BUT she does mention she doesn't think it's a good idea to talk about your agent/editor hunt in a public weblog.

Another good reason why I moved my blog to a more anonymous URL ;o)

p.s. After yesterday's debacle I was up, out of my seat, coat, hat and scarf on and ready to go BEFORE the train pulled into Brighton station. As soon as the doors beeped I was out of the door!


Leigh said...

That's an interesting post, isn't it? I keep meaning to get the website done, but just haven't found the time. Now, I'll make sure it's not linked to the blog!!!

Lane said...

There's some interesting comments in response to the post too.
I've never even thought of having a website. There's zilch I could put on it.

HelenMH said...

Aah yes, Leigh and I have already had this conversation! I haven't got a website, but I do send the link to my blog to publishers/editors which means I am careful what I put on the blog. It has paid off once when someone at Hodder read my blog and sent me a book to review. However it does mean if I want to rant - I can't really do it on the blog! I also think that even if you don't publicise your blog you never know who might come across it - so some subjects are best avoided!

KAREN said...

I don't have a website, but do publicise the blog, which means I too have to be careful what I put out there - not that I'd ever say anything nasty about anyone, ever, in the whole wide world, of course :o)

Sarah*G* said...

I think I am sort of anonymous. Luckily for me, (I think!), my husband is a web designer so when the time comes, and it WILL come, he can do my site for me. For free!

Emerging Writer said...

I do like to keep anonymous, at least online, not only for potential agents/publishers but also for potential employers (yes I'll be unemployed in June again - any offers?) They do google. And then there's the golden rule of not saying anything on your blog about someone you wouldn't say face to face.