Monday, 3 March 2008

The film version of HoWG

Okay, so I've rewritten another 2% of my novel, read everyone's blog updates, played a couple of games of Scramble again SallyQ on Facebook (god it's addictive) and watched most of the videos on Video Jug. What next?

Day Dream about the film version of HoWG of course!
Here's my cast:

Jeanane Garofalo (she was in "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" with Uma Thurman) as "Lucy" (yes, my main character is called Lucy!) . She's a little bit too old but I can't think of a brunette British character actress in her twenties that fits!

Jack Davenport as "Dan" (Again he's a tiny bit too old but hey, I'm not ageist)

Bob Hoskins as "Saint Bob" (perfect!)

Elijah Wood as "Archie" (I just hope he can do a good English accent)

David Thewlis as "Brian"
Honor Blackman as "Mrs Humphreys-Smythe"
And I can't cast "Claire" because I can't think of a single actress in her late teens/early twenties that is a size 16/18 (how sad it that?)

So who would be in the movie of your book?


Lane said...

Imaginary casting's a great idea. I'm going to have a think.

(there must be a 16/18 actress.... surely. Can't think of one though:-(

liz fenwick said...

Back ages ago I cast the leads in A Cornish House - Madde is Julia Roberts but with an English Accent and Mark is Hugh Jackman. Haven't cast Serena yet as well she is just so real to me as a character!

Loved that you have all sorted!

KAREN said...

When I wrote my first-ever novel, it was peopled with characters from Smack The Pony, for some reason! My main character was a (slightly) overweight thirty-something and Fiona Allen would have been perfectly cast, in my opinion!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Catherine Zeta Jones, playing me, because of course we look so similar *cough*

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Hmmm I always just end up dream casting men I fancy in the delusion that I would then get to meet them (on Oscar night oif course!) - so my novel has characters who resemble Sean Bean, Josh Holloway and in a frankly unbelievable twist, Brad Pitt. The women on the other hand are quite ordinairy looking - any ordinary looking Hollywood stars out there?

Nichola said...

I'm going to have a go at this...trouble is, I'm so old (cough) I can't think of many actors in their late teens. Oh I'm so out of touch. Why couldn't I write about people in their 30s and 40s?

SallyQ said...

Oh I always cast actors as my characters. In my novel, Elsa is going to be played either by Dame Judi Dench, or Helen Mirren - I'm aiming for wisdom and faded beauty. Philly Nightingale, the detective, is going to be played by Cate Blanchett. Captain Kellerman is going to be played by Alan Rickman. And the android, Cunningham (hey it's sci-fi, there must be an android! It's the law.) is going to be played by Ben Miller.

A. Writer said...

I saw this post last night and I've been thinking about my cast all day! I'm going to put it on my blog later.

I love Jeanane Garofalo in The Truth about Cats and Dogs-love that film!

Useless random fact but I share the exact same birthday as Elijah Wood - day, month and year.

HelenMH said...

Ooh good choices! I really haven't thought about this for my novel - but I will!

Leigh said...

I laughed when I saw this! I felt a strong need to 'see' my characters, and so trawled the model sites looking for the right faces. It really helped!

I've planned what I'm going to wear on Oscar night, of course, by I hadn't actually got as far as casting...!

Juliette M said...

Hi (I'm back) - I changed your site as requested on my blog.

I always cast my writing, I probably shouldnt but I do.

I cast Laura Fraser (Kate the Farrier from A Knight's Tale) as Ursula in Quartet, along with Rufus Sewell as Tristan, Christian Bale as Requiem and Philip Glenister as Flynn.

Laura gets a lot of work from me as she's my favourite actress...

Does it help that I'm a size 16-18? ;)

Cal said...

Lane - have you thought of one yet? I STILL haven't thought of one apart from the ginger girl that was in Hollyoaks and she's probably mid 20s.

Liz - Oooh, yes. Like yours.

Karen - Your first novel sounds quirky. I LOVE Smack the Pony.

Zinnia - *grins*

Sarah - Oooh I LOVE Josh Holloway. He's must current favourite crush!

Nichola - If you're old I'm ancient. Hush!

Sally - Ooh, Judy Dench/Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman. Great combination.

A.Writer - How strange about you and Elijah. Maybe you're fated to be together ;o)

Helen - It's fun. Let me know when you think of your cast.

Leigh - Oh gawd. I've got no idea what I'd wear to the Oscars. In fact, just the thought brings me out in a cold sweat!

Juliette - thanks luv! If you're in your early twenties and an actress you could be perfect. Can you do a convincing goth? ;o)

A. Writer said...

Me and Elijah? Nah, no thank you. I'll have a piece of Josh Holloway please! ;)

Juliette M said...

Cal - I AM a convincing Goth - so I should hope so!!