Thursday, 13 March 2008

Herb watch!

The herbs are going great guns! The pot that came up first (that I talked about in a previous blog posting) is in the back right of the photo but it's been overtaken by a herb growing at an astonishing rate in the back left! I think that's the sweet marjoram but I've got no idea. Pretty sure I know which pot contains the chives though ;o)

Will have to re-pot the marjoram soon as it's grown too big for the plastic greenhouse but that leaves a bit of a problem... what to do with them all? I've cooked with basil, thyme, coriander and parsley before but never marjoram or chives. What do I do with them?

In other news the rewrite is coming along well. I'm on 86% at the moment and the best part of a weekend to do the final 14%.

The trouble is I've got a terrible attention span so need a take a couple of hours break after every 2%! It all depends on the scene I'm rewriting too. Some scenes are a joy and I speed through them, enjoying every word. Other scenes...well...I just have to read the opening sentence and my heart sinks and I think "Gawd, this one is going to need some serious work". That's when I take a break. It's like I need to go away and build up the strength to return to it!

Still, not much more to do. I swear here and now that this is my last rewrite of this novel. No more. Well, unless an agent signs me and asks me to make changes or *cough* I get a publishing deal and the editor asks me to make changes. I really, really, really want to get back to novel #2. I miss the bit about writing that's to do with imagination and excitement rather than grammar and sentence construction!

69,202 / 80,015 words rewritten (86.4% of novel)


A. Writer said...

Wow! Look at those! You've done really well with them! I'm jealous - why didn't mine turn out like that!!!?

As for the rewrite, well done! I know EXACTLY how you feel, editing isn't as much fun as the creating. I REALLY miss creating stuff - I'm just glad I have my fic-blog to keep me going while I slog my guts out with the editing of INNTW.

Cal said...

A.Writer - I know, I'm very proud (sad aren't I! ;o)) Whenever I go into the kitchen I look at them to see how they're doing. Basically it's all down to making sure they're watered but not TOO watered (ie. drowned!). I touch the soil every day to see if it's drying out (God, I really need to get out more!).

And yes, 'slogging your guts out' is a VERY good way of describing the editing process. I've tried to keep creative by writing a story for Eurofiction every fortnight but the last one has to be in by next Thursday. Although hopefully the editing will be done by then and I can start novel 2 :o)

L-Plate Author said...

Me, I just do one thing at a time. No super woman antics for me. The pair of you do far more writing than me.

Still, same goes for me, hate editing after editing after editing...xx

HelenMH said...

Finely chopped chives in mash! Lovely! Wouldn't have a clue what to do with marjoram!

Leatherdykeuk said...

op chives and use with omelettes and fajitas and anywhere you'd want a mild onion.

Debs said...

Your herbs look great, how clever.

I know what you mean about the rewrite. I've promised myself that this is the last time that I tweek T&OL unless I have to do it again for an agent or someone.

Yvonne said...

Wow the herbs look great! I've found that I also have to break a lot when I'm rewriting, it's tough to get the hang of because my first draft was much freer and I could get more done. 86% is brilliant, you're going at it big guns!

angelesque said...

Chives + mayonnaise + baby new potatoes = the best barbecue side dish EVER.

Not that with this weather we'll be having one of those any time soon!

a x