Thursday, 20 March 2008

How do you get your novel into bookshops and supermarkets?

Some very interesting stuff here:

Particularly scary was the revelation that 200,000 books are published each year and your average branch of Waterstones can only stock 30,000 books (and that includes the classics) so, if if your book is listed on Amazon that doesn't guarantee it's actually in bookshops.

And what of the supermarkets? How do they decide what to stock? The discussion on the importance of a novel's cover is an interesting one...



KAREN said...

Blimey! It's all so...businesslike isn't it?
Shows the importance of promotion these days too. Funny how a book-jacket would be changed if that was the only way to get it into Asda's! It is great that books are more accessible/affordable to the reaading public, but it looks to me like there's a higher price to pay along the way.

Leigh said...

Okay, so apart from having enormous breasts, backtracking ten years and thinking up Harry Potter before JKR did, or perhaps being dead, I wonder exactly what do I need to do to get my book on the shelves?

!!! SCARY !!!

liz fenwick said...

Thanks for the link!