Friday, 7 March 2008

I'm on the front cover of a magazine!

Okay, not me but an advert for my story. See the cover of Take a Break Fiction Feast over there on the left? See the text 'A different kind of magic' and a photo of a little girl (you might want to click on the image to see the bigger version)?

That's an advert for my story! How cool is that?

And how cute are the illustrations for my story (two of the three pages shown below)? I'm not normally a girly pink type of girl but I think it just looks...well, sort of magical, which really suits the story.

I'm really happy (feel sorry for the friends I met up with at lunchtime. I kept waving the mag in their faces going "Look, that's my story. That's my story!) .

I'll be even happier when the payment cheque drops through the post!

Take a Break Fiction Feast featuring my story. Out now! :o)


A. Writer said...

Well done! It looks great!

Sarah Charsley: said...

Congrats Cally you must be so chuffed. I'll be buying myself a copy tomorrow for sure x

Sarah*G* said...


HelenMH said...

Ooh ooh - is this in the shops now?

womagwriter said...

There is NOTHING more exciting than seeing your work in print, is there?

Well done again.

L-Plate Author said...

Oh, I went round to our local shop today and they hadn't got it! I'll keep searching though. Well done! x

JJ said...

OMG, so exciting. Well done Cally.

Lane said...

Well done Cal that's brilliant news!

The front cover too!

I like the black and white with the pink. It looks great. Shall try and get a copy this weekend:-)

KAREN said...

That's SO exciting - I'm thrilled for you! I'm going to buy a copy after work this lunchtime :o)

Bernadette said...

Well Done, Cally! It's extra special when there are good illustrations, isn't it? I think TAB are quite good at that - for one of mine they actually changed a very minor detail in the story so that the picture matched properly, which I thought showed great attention to detail.
Here's to many more successes for you.

SpiralSkies said...

It's so fab seeing your name in there! Am really thrilled for you - it's great to see one of us blog pals in print.

Perhaps I need to pull my finger out and start writing rather than reading others' (admittedly impressive) stories!

Seriously, well done. And enjoy spending that cheque.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

That's fanatstic Cal, and well done for hitting the front page. Can't wait to get my copy.

KAREN said...

Great story, really enjoyed it :o)

Fiona said...

Can't wait to buy this tomorrow.
I am so pleased for you.

Maddie Moon said...

I loved your story, Cal. Very poignant, gave me goosebumps at the end. Well done!

Leigh said...

Got it. Got it!
It's open on my desk... tantalisingly at the right page (little pink key and all), and all I have to do is [looks over shoulder] steal some time to read it!

Well done, Cal. Don't worry, you're not the only one waving it about..."Did I tell you that Cal's in this month's TaB? I did? Did I show you the page? I did? D'you like the pictures? ..." ;-)

Cal said...

A.Writer - thank you

Sarah charsley - I'm hugely chuffed :o) It's really sweet of you to buy a copy. Hope you like it!

Sarah*g* - thanks luv!

Helenmh - It certainly is but you might have to hunt around a bit. I had to pop into four different shops until I found a copy!

Womag - Nope, NOTHING compares to it. It's SUCH a great feeling :o)

Lplate - My sister in law couldn't find it in the shops near her either. I get the feeling that, even if a shop stocks it, they don't keep many copies. Which is a shame. But thanks for looking. I appreciate it :o)

JJ - thank you!

Lane - I like the black and white and pink too. Which is surprising as I'm not normally a fan of pink. Must be the magic of publication that made me change my mind ;o)

Karen - thank you so much. I hope you can find a copy. They're a bit elusive!

Bernadette - I was soooo curious about the illustrations before it came out and I think they chose perfectly. Actually they were BETTER than I expected!

Spiral - thanks luv. I'm so touched by how many lovely comments I've had about this posting. The support I've had from other blogger is really, really touching.

Sarah - thank you. I'm really touched by how many people that don't normally buy the mag are going out to buy it.

Karen - Oooh thank you. I didn't pay much thought about fellow bloggers reading it but feel a bit nervous now. Glad you liked it though :o)

Fiona - thank you. I hope you find a copy!

Maddie - Really? It gave your goosebumps? I'm really flattered, thank you (especially as I know you've had tons of stories published). Means a lot to me, thanks.

Leigh - yay! You have it. And thank you for being so proud on my behalf. That's really touching. :o) :o)

You're all such lovely, lovely bloggers and thank you all so much. You've made this even MORE special that it already was.

Nichola said...

I bought it today! :D