Sunday, 2 March 2008

I've Moved!

So, I've moved my blog from the one with my name in the blog address to this one -

I've felt slightly uncomfortable about how googleable I am for the last few months (for various reasons) and decided today that I didn't want my blog to have my name in the address.

So here we are. Same blog, same name "Writing About Writing" but without my name in the title.

Normal service will be resumed soon!


Yvonne said...

Love your new look!

Unfortunately I'm having problems subscribing to your feed - weird. I will try again, might be my feed reader.

HelenMH said...

Real moving and virtual moving! You busy girl!

Amy Appleton said...

Ah...well, having just set up a blog with my name in the title, maybe I have done the wrong thing.

But I hope you enjoy your new home - I really love your blog, Cally, some great links and thoughts on writing and life.

Amy x

(Feeds? Oh gawd, so much more to get my head round)

SallyQ said...

Now I'm trying to work out how I found this new blog earlier as I know I didn't come from the old blog.

Scratches head ...

womagwriter said...

Well that's one move successfully accomplished - hope your flat move goes as smoothly!

KAREN said...

That's a good idea. I did wonder about having my name in the blog title and my change it at some point.

Another award for you at mine, by the way!

SpiralSkies said...

Totally understand the reasons for anonymising yourself, having been rumbled all too frequently myself recently.

New blog looks great. X

Leigh said...

And a nice new picture too!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Interesting Cally - I have being having similar thoughts myself lately. Glad to see that the move has gone smoothly for you - I my follow suit shortly

CT said...

Yvonne - Thanks! Hope the feeder thing fixes itself soon. Is it the RSS one or the Google one?

Helenhm - This was a LOT easier. You just change something in your settings and that's it. Done!

Amy - Hi! I just checked out your blog and discovered that you're a published author. How wonderful. Will definitely look out for your book. Thanks so much for commenting. How did you find me? BTW I think it's a great idea having a blog in your name when you're published but maybe not so great when you're sending it out to agents and blogging about the feedback you get ;o)

Sally - Did you click on my profile? At the moment there are two Writing About Writing links on it.

Womag - Oh i wish it were as easy. And as cheap!

Karen - thanks for the award. So lovely of you. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a BAD idea to have your name in your blog title/address it's just not for me at the moment. I'm sure I'll start that blog up again if/when I get published!

Spiral - actually your experience is part of the reason I decided to swap! It's good to keep your personal and private life separate as much as possible in my view!

Leigh - thank you! I sort of thought the black and white photo made me look deceased! ;o)

Sarah - It really depends. If you're happy with the world googling and reading your blog it's fine. I't! ;o) But it's easy to switch. Just let me know if you want to know how.

SallyQ said...

Actually I think you can change your blog address without moving blogs. From your dashboard, click on 'settings' and 'publishing' you'll see that there's the box with your address in, and you're able to alter it. It will save losing all those old posts.

Cally I think I might have actually got here from Karen's blog now I come to think of it. Or another blogger who already knew about the change.

SallyQ said...

Sorry, me again. I'll stop stalking you in a minute ;-) I've just found something else out. With regard to your blog being searchable (Cally you may already know this), if you go into 'Basic' in your settings, you can choose not to add your blog to listings or let it show on search engines.

Because I think that even if you use a different address, people will find your blog when searching, especially if you use your name in posts.

Nichola said...


I've changed the link name on my own blog and I also took your real name out of another post where I mentioned your blog (and your love of 'How to Write' books). If I spot any other posts where this happens, I'll be sure to change them straight away but as I recall, there was only one post where I mentioned you by name.

I've had problems before where someone traced me because I was daft enough to mention my real, full name on a forum I used to be a member of. I came to no real harm in the end but it was scary...nowadays, though, I mention my first name and seem to have got away with it so far - maybe I'm just too scary for people to give me any bother these days!!

I can just imagine if and when I'm published and someone googles me, though...yikes. I have an author friend who stays anonymous on her blog and in forum posts for this very reason. She can cut loose and act up if she wants and no-one can connect her online words to her real-life persona!

Calistro said...

Sally - some really useful comments there. Thanks luv!

Nichola - thanks so much. It wouldn't matter if I had a name like Jane Smith but there are only, as far as I know, two people in the UK with my name. One of them is me. The other is a hockey player! Even mentioning my first name on a blog shows up in the search engine results. I'm such a doofus. If I'd just chosen a pseudonym to start off with I wouldn't be in this pickle! But thanks for amending your blog. I really appreciate it. :o)