Thursday, 27 March 2008

Knitting to save children's lives

I know A.Writer is a fellow knitter and I've got a feeling other blog readers might be too (hey, it's trendy to knit these days dontcha know!) so thought I'd blog about Save the Children's "Knitting to Save Children's Lives" campaign that I heard mentioned on Paul O'Grady's TV programme.

From the Save the Children website:

"A newborn baby can't regulate its own body temperature. It loses lots of vital body heat through its head which make it more prone to pneumonia - a disease which still kills around 2 million children each year.

Your hat can help us save a life. When you knit a hat and send it to us at Save the Children, we'll send your hat to mothers and babies in developing countries who desperately need your help."

To help (and for the knitting pattern) go here:

There's also a label for you to print out and attach to your hat that urges Gordon Brown to do something about this situation.

(NB: Don't knit an all white hat as it symbolises death in some African and Asian communities according to the knitting guide)

I've got some soft wool under my bed that I was going to use to knit a teddy for my niece's birth. Seeing as she's 18 months old now I think I may have missed the boat there (!!) but I can still use it to help other, less privileged, children. Blog photos to follow when I'm done!

p.s. Hmmm...herb growing, knitting and interior decorating. If 19 year old me knew that those are the tantalising snippets of my life I'd choose to share with the internet at age 34 I think she might just have topped herself there and then (head first in a bucket of cider and blackcurrant!).

Now where's me zimmer? ;o)


L-Plate Author said...

Hi Cal

I so want to do that but I can't seem to download the pattern. I can hear my needles clicking at the thought. Any chance of being a darling by cutting and pasting it into a word doc and emailing it to me? Cheers matey x

A. Writer said...

What a lovely lovely thing. I'm so going to do this. I have some spare wool kicking about. NOT the hairy stuff I'm knitting Hector with though! Knitting Hector is driving me insane!

L-Plate Author said...

Doh, before I added my comment, I contacted the website and they sent me it this afternoon, very nice of them. I can feel a knit fest coming on. Watch this space...x

Leigh said...

As long as you haven't got the fluffy slippers and the rocking chair, you're fine... you haven't, have you?

Haven't knitted for years. Last thing I attempted (as a student) was confiscated by my landlady, who couldn't bear to see the mess I was making of it. She finished it off. It was a sight to be seen, I can tell you: the first half all floppy and loose, and the second half all neat and tidy!

Good cause, though. Look forward to the photos!

Cal said...

L-Plate: Glad to hear you've got the pattern. It's dead easy :o)

A.Writer: Cool. Glad you're joining in. Also glad you're not using the hairy Hector wool! Must check your Hector blog. Haven't had a look to see how you're doing for a few days.

Leigh: Fluffy slippers and a rocking DO have a rocking chair! But it was given to me by a relative so, er... hmmm.

What was it you/your landlady were knitting then?