Monday, 10 March 2008

Murder Most Famous

Bestselling author Minette Walters tutors five celebrities in the art of writing a crime novel.

If you missed this 5-part series on BBC 2 at 1.30pm this week hurry and get yourself to the BBC website to watch it again before they take it down:

At the time of this post there's only 12 hours to watch or download the first episode so, depending on when you're reading this you might have run out of time. But you can still watch episodes 2-5 (there's a length summary of the previous episode at the beginning of each).

I thought I'd hate a programme that teaches celebs to write a novel but it's actually quite good.

If you don't want to watch the programme but want to read Minette's crime writing tips go here:


HelenMH said...

The writing tips look good. I didn't catch the programme due to being out during the day - but I must admit to having some reservations about the concept. Do we really need a programme that helps more celebrities get published?

KAREN said...

I really enjoyed the series - it was a bit silly and over-the-top at times, but overall I couldn't tear myself away!

Both finalists seemed to have a talent for writing at least.

Nichola said...

Phew, caught it with an hour to go!

Debs said...

Thanks for the link, I missed the first one unfortunately but have now watched the second. Good stuff.