Saturday, 1 March 2008


Sarah Dunnakey gave me a mwah! for top blogging. Thank you so much. I'm seriously tempted to create my own award to pass on to see how far around the blogasphere it gets. I'm a bit nifty with Photoshop so can create anything within reason (can't do 3D though).
Anyone got any ideas what I could/should create and we can get the ball rolling!
In the meantime I'm going to Mwah! Hesitant Scribe for being so inspirational, SallyQ because I know she's going through a bit of a tough time at the moment and L-Plate for kicking my arse at the novel rewrite 'race' (she's on 63% at the moment to my paltry 55%!)


SallyQ said...

{{{Aw thanks, Cally.}}} That's my second Mwah this week. I feel very privileged to have such friends.

SallyQ said...

BTW re the new award. What about the 'stroppiest blogger' award?

Not that I'd dare to confer it on anyone ... (and not that any of our collective regulars are eligible).

L-Plate Author said...

Me too, thanks sweetie. Maybe I'll figure out how to upload this one! And what a one it is, just my colours. Any other time you need your arse kicking, let me know! xx