Wednesday, 5 March 2008

QWF - more of a BOOK than a magazine!

Oh how lovely. My contributor copy of QWF (Quality Women's Fiction) magazine just arrived from the US. And, like American food portions, its huge! Jam packed with stories, including mine. I do love getting magazines and anthologies I've been published in through the post. Am waiting for three more at the moment:
  • Etchings magazine (Australian literary mag)
  • Your Messages anthology (they sold out the print run and didn't have enough left for the people who couldn't make the launch!)
  • Take a Break Fiction Feast (UK women's mag)
Still, something to look forward to.
Reading for the July issue of QWF started on 1st March so send them your best literary fiction featuring a female MC. AND, for this issue only, MEN are also invited to send in stories.... as long as they feature a female MC!
QWF doesn't pay but you do receive a complimentary contributors' copy (and very nice it is too).
Talking of which, because QWF are having money troubles at the moment non US and Canadian subscribers will be receiving their copies via PDF for the foreseeable future. But don't worry if you're thinking about writing for them. You'll still get your print copy.
You can find QWF here:


Maddie Moon said...

Congratulations on your story in QWF, must say the mag looks very impressive from the photo.
Re: Take a Break, sadly they don't send contributor's copies so you'll have to go in for a bit of loitering around your local newsagents to make sure you don't miss it.

Cal said...

Maddie - thanks for visiting and commenting and for that really useful bit of info. Must get out and get myself a copy asap!