Sunday, 2 March 2008


By each of the dates listed below I need to have rewritten that amount of words in order to complete the rewrite within 3 months of NiceMrAgent's phone call. So...

2nd March - 54% of novel should be rewritten
9th March - 61.7% of novel should be rewritten
16th March - 69.4% of novel should be rewritten
23rd March - 77.1% of novel should be rewritten
30 March - 84.8% of novel should be rewritten
6th April - 92.6% of novel should be rewritten
13th April - 100% (okay, so it'll be 3 months and 3 days altogether!)


As of today I'm ahead of schedule!

60.8% rewritten and I'm just about to start Chapter 29 of 38 (it doesn't sound like too much more work written like that!)

And I got some more glossing done too.

I think I actually deserve this award that Karen gave me

And I'm going to pass it on to JJ because she doesn't seem to stop! :o)

And now I'm going to have a nice, cold G 'n T and watch some TV (and find out who was kicked off Dancing on Ice. I was so busy writing I forgot to watch the results show. Doh)

49,208 / 80,889 words rewriten (60.8% of novel)

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L-Plate Author said...

Whoo Whoo! Get you ahead of schedule ay? Well done, but that doesn't mean you can rest until next Monday though! (I mean the glossing, silly :-) ) xx