Monday, 10 March 2008


I was so chilled after my shiatsu massage this afternoon I hardly did any of my rewrite at all!

But I've managed to inch the total up a tad. 77% done and I'm partway through Chapter 34 (there are 40 chapters altogether). It sounds like I'm really near the end so how come I've still got to rewrite 18,300 words?! Apparently the last few chapters of my novel are tons longer than the chapters earlier on in my book and I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing. Aren't things supposed to speed up at the end of a book? Hmmm.

Anyway, just under 23% left to go. I'll know whether or not the balance is off when I come to re-read the whole thing at the end.

62,072 / 80,372 words rewritten (77.2% of novel)


L-Plate Author said...

Could you split your chapters? Makes the pages turn quicker for me. xx

L-Plate Author said...

oops forgot to say well done, can we see 80% soon? x