Monday, 10 March 2008

Storm Damage, What Storm Damage?


On the plus side it's my neighbour's fence so they have to pay to have it fixed (if they get it fixed!).

On the minus side, that's my garden it's fallen into (bye, bye budding daffodils).

Have dragged the fence into my neighbour's garden and am hoping half a fence dividing the two gardens won't put off anyone interested in renting my flat!



Yvonne said...

Oh no! I hope they fix it soon. I was up all night with the noise from the storm, it was wild!

L-Plate Author said...

I've just been watching the news and thought of you when they were showing Brighton. Pretty hairy!

I got home from work and thought that the Bloke from Stoke had turned all soft and lit up candles to welcome me back. Hmm no such luck, we had a power cut! Luckily it came back on fifteen minutes after I got in, started to cook and then it went off. Now it's back on and we're praying it stays that way!

Hope you have good neighbours! xx

Cal said...

Yvonne: Hmmm I doubt she'll fix it soon unfortunately. I'm not sure she's even here at the moment (she tends to zip off to foreign countries and sub-let her flat to her friends!)

L-Plate: God yeah. I went to the post office earlier to post my ebay stuff and my hat was nearly blown off! Also my jeans got so wet they turned from baggy to skin tight in about 30 seconds! Oooh, hope your leccy stays on. No leccy = no internet (unless you've got a lot of battery power in your laptop!).

HelenMH said...

Sadly my garden fence also currently looks like that!

Cal said...

Oh no Helen. Sorry to hear it :o(

It was MY fence (which would be on the left of the photo if I'd shown more of my garden) that blew down last time and it wasn't just one piece it was THREE! My neighbour on the left asked me to get it fixed asap as he has a dog he lets into his garden. I got a quote (£400!!!) but my dad came to the rescue and hammered in a couple of posts to keep it propped up and so far *crosses fingers* it's worked!

A. Writer said...

I was watching GMTV this morning and one of the reporters was in Brighton. I thought of you. It was a little on the wind side! lol!

I'm pretty sure the fence won't put anyone off renting your flat - with all the work you've done on it, a blown down fence won't matter!

Cal said...

A.Writer - Hope not! If they're anything like me they'll use the balcony more than the garden anyway!