Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Tomorrow I'm off to see a band I've LOVED since I was thirteen...

...The Cure! I've never seen them live before and I'm soooooo excited. Apparently they're not plugging a new record so they'll be playing all their hits - Lovecats, Fascination Street etc. Oooh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Then I'm going to take the first couple of day of Easter just to relax, eats lots of chocolate (must buy Easter eggs tomorrow!) and watch lots of films, then it's back to the redecorating (oh gawd).

Oh! And the other night I had a idea for the NEW start of Novel #2 and, so far, I'm quite excited about it. It's a good hook, it ties in with the title of the book and, hopefully, it'll be humerous. The structure of novel #2 is going to be more complicated than novel #1 so I need to spend some time thinking, plotting and planning. And I'm going to take my time.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time :o)


Leigh said...

Oh, it's great when you get a really good plot idea. I hope it's fun to write too!

And The Cure? How exciting! I saw Floyd once, which was the realisation of a bit of a teenage dream (although I was twenty-four by the time I actually got to see them).

Enjoy the break. Looking forward to seeing you back!

Bernadette said...

A well deserved break - enjoy!

Am I the only one who finds the chickybunny a bit scary?

Kate.Kingsley said...

Ah, The cure ~ I love them too! Hope you enjoy them.


Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh...The Cure - I saw them in 1986, blimey that makes me feel old.
Enjoy them and all your chocolate!

PS The chickbunny freaked me out too...please tell me that's not real!

A. Writer said...

Happy Easter! Hope you have a good one. Enjoy the gig and enjoy the break from writing - its good to recharge your batteries once and a while.

And I find that photo of the chick/rabbit a little on the scary side!

Yvonne said...

Delighted about your idea for novel 2 and that you're going to ease yourself deserve a large, chocolate-filled, The Cure watching break!

HelenMH said...

The chickbunny is very scary! Happy Easter to you too, and have a really good rest x

L-Plate Author said...

oh, until I looked a little closer I hadn't realised it was a chick/bunny. Yes, it is freaky.

Hang out with the Love Cats for a while and chill mate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you x