Wednesday, 30 April 2008


At long last...a hit! And there was me looking at the news section of my website thinking "I've got nothing to add for April, I'll have to leave it blank."

Anyway, Espresso Fiction have accepted one of my stories for publication in June. It's a story that was highly commended in the Jacqui Bennett short story comp a while ago but it a bit too out there to place in a woman's mag.

Espresso fiction, for a fee, provides short stories straight to your inbox. They actually pay their writers too. Not a huge amount (and certainly not as much as the women's magazines) but enough to call it a sale.

My aim for this year was not to give away any short stories for free* unless it was for charity. As a result the hits aren't rolling in as quickly as last year but that's okay.

Four hits so far this year.

*I will give away flash fiction for free but only if I get a copy the print mag in payment.


Maddie Moon said...

A sale's a sale! Many congratulations, Cal.

Bernadette said...

Well done!

Kerry said...

Hey, congrats to you too - am off to check out the site now! It's a genius idea. I'm with you in not giving things away for free, writing is too hard not to get something for your efforts!

Quillers said...

Well done, Cally!