Monday, 14 April 2008

Novel #2

Last night I decided to type my notebook scribblings into YWriter. There were so many crossings out and scribblings I was finding it hard to read back over what I'd just written so I could continue the story! Transfering it all to YWriter helped clarify things in my mind and I polished the text as I put it in and filled in a few gaps. I also added some bits from my first attempt at novel #2 (the 4,500 words I scrapped a few weeks ago). I may have murdered ALL my darlings in that attempt but that doesn't mean I can't revive some of them for this version :o)

I'm not sure how this approach is going to work long term but it's working okay for now. At least I'm writing and that's the most important thing.

Novel #2 word count: 2,480 / 80,000 words.


L-Plate Author said...

Whoo hoo! It feels great, doesn't it! Can't wait to gas about it all next weekend! xx

liz fenwick said...

I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't be better off writing in long hand and then polishing as I transfer but me thinks I'm too impatient with the whole writing process though.....

Great news on your progress :-)

Yvonne said...

That's great. I've never used YWriter but I am considering it for my next novel. Keep up the good work!

Jumbly Girl said...

Well done. It does feel like a good start arranging stuff in YWriter - I know it doesn't do the actually writing for you but it certainly made me feel that at least I could see what I was doing!

Debs said...

I know I'm going to sound exceedingly dumb, but what is YWriter?

I shall have to look it up now and see.

Sarah*G* said...

You look different Calistro!

Calistro said...

LPlate - Indeed it does. I just wish I had some time off so I could just sit down and power through to the first 10,000 words instead of doing dribs and drabs here and there.

Liz - I'm hoping by doing that I won't have to do TWO massive rewrites at the end (like novel #1) but I think, as much as I'd like to believe this new technique is going to cut down on the editing later, I'm sure it won't!

Yvonne - I love it. It makes finding a particular scene so much easier (like it you want to check some particular detail or other)

Jumbly - I know! Pasting it into the individual scenes lets you start to see the structure and flow. Love it!

Debs - It's free novel-writing software. If you search my blog for YWriter you'll see a few posts I did on it. Or Google YWriter and download it for yourself and have a play!

Sarah - Just a small case of jaundice! ;o) Seriously though, Karen's post the other day about agents not wanting their clients to write about their writerly wobbles bothered me so I thought I'd try and make this blog even more anonymous!

KAREN said...

Calistro, what the hell have you done with Cal ??? I'm seriously freaked out.

Great writing progress :o) I tried using YWriter once, but got a bit confused with the whole thing and put it away before I blew a gasket!