Thursday, 24 April 2008

Novel #2

My plan was to write 1,750 words of novel #2 three times a week (so I'd finished it by the end of July) and a short story on one other day of the week but I'm already falling behind on my word count and it's only week 1!

I managed to write 3/4 of a story the other day (haven't finished it yet) and 1,487 words of novel #2 tonight but that's it. Okay so I've still got Friday, Saturday and Sunday to go but I'm unlikely to write much more this week. Tomorrow night I'm back up to London and then I'm off to the Novel Racers meet up on Saturday and am unlikely to get home until midnight. So that just leaves Sunday...

Can I write 3,763 words in one day and finish a short story? Ummmm...NO. But it's okay. Some weeks will be busier than others. Hopefully I'll catch up next week.

Still...I've now officially written more than my previous attempt at novel #2 (the 4,500 words I decided to delete) so that's good. Really enjoyed writing the scene I wrote tonight. It was a really emotional one (the climax of Act 1) and when I next sit down to write my main character will start the 'journey' that will carry her through the rest of the novel.

5,667 words / 80,000 written (7.1% of novel)


Jumbly Girl said...

Wow Cally I'm really impressed with your targets. I'm trying to average 1,000 words on the novel every day and I'm finding it tough. Like you say though some weeks are busier than others and some days 3,000 words appear and on others only 50.

It must have felt great to get past the 4,500 word point again on Novel #2 - well done

Bernadette said...

Well done on your progress. You're right - some times are busier than others and as long as you're doing something, you'll get there in the end.

On a separate point, I was right to be wary of the postman today. Norah strikes again!

HelenMH said...

Sometimes plans are there to be ignored - or worked around. Sounds like you're getting there with novel 2 - brilliant!

L-Plate Author said...

Hey, at least you've started your draft! I'm still in that wonderful/infuriating (please delete whichever word you feel appropriate) stage of plotting. Honestly, I think I'm finished, get up in the morning and off I go again. Still it's seems to be getting there.

Glad to see your word count going up, I'd better get going soon, I know how fast you can go when pushed! xx

Lane said...

Cal, your word counts and percentages have inspired me to get organized this weekend and set me some rules!
Thank you:-)

Debs said...

You certainly sound as if you're doing well. I wish I could say the same for me.

Hope you all had a lovely time yesterday.