Sunday, 20 April 2008

Word counts and Writing Groups

I had to force myself to do some work on the novel tonight. It's weird. I put off and put off and put off doing work on the novel but when I actually sit down, mute the TV, put on some music and start writing I always end up thinking "Hey, I'm enjoying this, why did I keep putting it off?"

Admittedly I haven't written a huge amount of words since Monday (1,700 in total) but I've only sat down to write twice and 850 words a go is okay. Not impressive by anyone's standards (particularly not mine) but all progress is good progess as far as I'm concerned, particularly as I'm effectively starting again after scrapping my first 4,500 words. Anyway, I'm over 5% of the way through now and the next scene is the big crisis that upsets the main character's life at the end of Act 1, so something to look forward to the next time I sit down to write.

My aim is to try and get the first draft completed by the end of July this year. To do that I need to write approx 750 words a day. At my current rate I'm not going to hit my deadline but if I can write 1,750 words 3x a week I will. That way I can dedicate 3 days a week to novel writing, 1 day a week to short story writing and have 3 days off. That sounds like a good writing/life balance to me. Just a shame I have to go to work too!

I finally got round to booking my train tickets for the Novel Racers meet-up this coming Saturday. The good news was it cost less than I thought (but I have to get a certain train on the way back or my cheapo return ticket is void) but the bad news is I couldn't book a seat reservation in either direction so I may end up standing for the entire 3/3.5 hour journey. Let's hope that doesn't happen. I've had quite enough train journey weirdness for one year.

Thanks for all the comments on the Womag Writers group. I'm going to set up a private blog in a few seconds so if you'd like to join please email and I'll add you to the members. We can thrash out exactly how the group is going to work once we're all in there.

Apologies if I've been a bit rubbish at replying to emails, facebook messages etc etc at the moment. I'm trying to spend less time on the internet and I'm finding it's helping my stress levels enormously. I've actually been spending a lot of time just lying on the sofa and reading. I'd forgotten how relaxing that can be. At the moment I'm reading Belle de Jour's memoirs that I picked up in a charity shop on Friday. It's a welcome break from reading fiction. Instead of being slightly distracted by my internal editor analysing why or how the writer did something I'm just reading and a opening read it is too!

p.s. Thanks for all the holiday suggestions. There are some I'm definitely going to try out in the future but, this May, I'm going to....the Isle of Wight again! I was getting a bit frazzled trying to find something so last minute and when I stumbled on a chalet for £200 a week near Cowes I snapped it up. If you're looking for a self-catering holiday too try (they're who I used). If you DO decide to use them please enter the code CT13050 when you book (I'll get £25 off my next booking :o))

novel 2 word count: 4180 / 80,000 words (5.2% of novel)


K.Imaginelli said...

i like your writing sched. It seems like you'll get loads done by July.

I can't wait until the semester is over so I can get into a good reading & writing routine. :)

KAREN said...

We had our favourite ever holiday on The Isle Of Wight, so I'm sure it'll be wonderfu :o)

I SO know what you mean about enjoying the writing, once you've forced yourself to Get On With It! I need to force myself more often...

Maddie Moon said...

I'm the same. Sometimes it takes me hours just to open the document file of my novel, very odd.

Good luck with the novel, it sounds as if you're very focussed.