Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Advertising Gobbledegook

I was in Boots the chemist this lunch time and I'd just got to the checkout with my sandwich and bag of crisps when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some kind of toothbrush promotion.

"Oooh," thought I. "I need a new toothbrush."

3 x Better Cleaning Action, said the blurb on the front of the toothbrush, VIBRATES. 3 Heads in 1

I looked at the price. £3 something. Bargain.

I grabbed it, paid for it and left.

Tonight I read the back of the packet to find out exactly how this vibrating business would help me clean my teeth.

Would it make them cleaner?


Get into all the nooks and crevices?

Ummm..... no.

According to the advertisin gobbledegook the gently vibrating bristles would help...

"support your usual cleaning movements"


How does vibration support my usual cleaning movements? When I clean my teeth I move my hand up and down and side to side. Is the vibrating toothbrush going to prop up my arm for me? Move my hand around a bit? Cheer as I brush?

I think I've been had.


Quillers said...

Of course you could always taken the toothbrush attachment off and ... Sorry, I'll get my coat.

Yvonne said...

LOL! Those toothpaste and toothbrush makers are awful tricksters.

Juliette M said...

As a lover (ahem, not like Quillers suggested) of my Philips Sonicare, I suspect cheaper toothbrushes of trying to get in on the vibratory act, as it were....

The only one I know which apparently works as well as a professional pricey type is the Colgate one which whizzes around. One of my friends swears by it rather than at it.

KAREN said...

Oh dear. I always fall for things like that!

A. Writer said...

The wonders of advertising.

You fell for the checkout impulse buy promotion. It's a trick that advertisers/shops use a lot. They've probably wanted rid of them so put them at the checkout.

When I did advertising at college, I was quite surprised at how devious shops can be.

Leigh said...

Ha ha!
I'm sorry, I had to laugh.
They're buggers, aren't they?

kallioppe said...

I think if it cheered that would be something, but it sounds as if you've been had m'dear. I fall for things like this as well.