Friday, 30 May 2008

I've come to the conclusion...

...that looking after an 18 month-old dog is a lot like looking after a toddler of the same age.

Not that I have much experience of toddlers (well, apart from my niece) but bear with me...

Similarities between Tia and a toddler:

1. They both need lots of affection
2. They both need feeding and watering regularly
3. You have to keep an eye on them at all times or they'll chew on something they shouldn't / break something / get into the bin
4. A 'fun' game of 'put fingers in mouth' can easily become "Ow!" when they bite a bit too hard
5. You can't go for a wee without them pushing at the door.
6. Whatever you're doing seems like more fun than whatever they're doing and they need to investigate.
7. They follow you everywhere
8. They both fart without getting embarrassed
9. You have to clear up their poo


10. The only time you can get any writing done is while they're asleep.

I only managed 700'ish words today. Not as much as I was hoping to write, but better than nothing. In order to meet my 31 July deadline I now have to write 1,090 words a day. Soooo not gonna happen!

13,034 / 80,000 words written (16.3% of novel #2)


Debs said...

Yes, but what a cutie.

Welcome to my world.

A. Writer said...

That sounds about right!

Well done on the word count!

KAREN said...

You're so right - but at least dogs don't answer back ;o)

Maddie Moon said...

You've got it, Cal! You're so going to miss that dog when she goes home.