Thursday, 8 May 2008

Last Minute Lil

I'm delighted by how well my side project - A Story A Fortnight - is going. The deadline to get the first fortnight's story in was 8pm on Tuesday and 90% of the group submitted a story!

I even submitted a story.

Admittedly I didn't finish it until right at the last minute (I wrote the beginning on the train to my parent's place on Saturday) but no change there. I really should change my name to Last Minute Lil (it would make a nice change from Calistro ;o)).

Anyway, so far the group's working a dream. We're all scoring and commenting and it's a wonderful, energetic, supportive and useful place to be. The second set of prompts have been posted and I'm really looking forward to writing a story to someone else's prompts (writing a story to my own prompts was an interesting exercise!). I really, really hope we keep the enthusiasm and energy going. If I can write a story a fortnight (even if it's at the last minute!) that'll be 26 brand new stories in a year that I can sub and, hopefully, sell (some of them anyway).

I wrote a bit more of novel #2 on the train on Saturday too but haven't typed it up so can't update the word counter just yet.

So while the blog has been quite quiet of late I've been writing and that has to be a good thing right?


Quillers said...

I think the standard at A Story A Fortnight is really high and the bar has definitely been set for future deadlines. Whilst all the stories, including mine, will be improved by a bit of tweaking I can't honestly say that any of the other entries that I've read were badly written. Far from it.

It's been a pleasure to read them, and to comment on them in what I hope has been a helpful way.

KAREN said...

Quillers, I totally agree :o)

womagwriter said...

Yes, it's great, isn't it? I am so glad to have a bit of pressure on to get a few more stories written. Just what I needed!

Thanks (again) for setting it up, Cal. Can't wait for the first SAF story to be sold!