Friday, 16 May 2008

Quick novel update

Oh dear. My 1,750 words 3x a week plan for novel #2 really isn't happening. Since last Friday, when I last updated my novel word count, I've written approximately 2,400 words. At this rate I'm not going to get the first draft finished until January next year! That won't do at all.


When I get back from my holiday!


I am planning on printing out the last chapter and taking it with me, alongside my notebook, so if I feel inspired I CAN do some writing. But the holiday isn't about doing any writing. It's about relaxing and reading and watching DVDs and walking and sleeping.

And not feeling guilty about the fact I haven't written a story for A Story A Fortnight this time *cough*

Okay, time to sign off before I feel more guilty than I already do. Don't expect any more blog posts until a week tomorrow (although I might post the odd camera phone photo blog if I see anything inspiring/unusual/entertaining).


novel #2 word count: 10,411 / 80,000 words (13.0% of novel)


Yvonne said...

Don't feel bad, you're one of the hardest working writers I know. I find it slow going at first and I usually don't hit my stride until I've been plugging at it for a month or two. Have a fantastic holiday and just relax and enjoy yourself!

Maddie Moon said...

Have a fantastic holiday, Cal! Forget about it all for a week and then you can come back feeling refreshed and raring to go again.

L-Plate Author said...

Have a great time honey, see you when you get back xx

Tam said...

Enjoy the Isle of Wight - it's where my novel is set so I may pump you for info when you're back. Take some interesting pics for me please!

HelenMH said...

Have a lovely time - and a REST!

A. Writer said...

Hope you have a fantastic Holiday. You deserve it!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Have a fantastic holiday, Cally :-)